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Goat Simulator 1.1 Patch is Live, Patch Notes are Hilarious.

If you thought Goat Simulator couldn't become any more funnier, the latest patch notes from Coffee Stain Studios for the 1.1 update have absolutely cracked me up! The update, which brings with it a brand new map, local multiplayer, as well as an array of new items for your favourite goat to play with, launched on on June 3 and is absolutely free!

Goat Simulator’s Huge 1.1 Patch Brings Skateboards, Shopping Carts, and Friends!

Coffee Stain Studios has finally revealed the release date for the huge 1.1 Patch for their hilariously stupid Goat Simulator, which is set to bring with it a brand new map to gallivant around and local multiplayer so you and a friend can cause mayhem together. Perhaps that'll help make the game feel less lonely.

Goat Simulator’s Plot Has More to it Than we Originally Thought.

Goat Simulator, the seemingly random open world sandbox game featuring overly buggy gameplay mechanics and a floppy goat as its main protagonist, actually has a plot according to developers Coffee Stain Studios, and it's somewhat depressing..

Goat Simulator Flops its Way Into a Boxed Edition on May...

Soon you'll be able to physically get your hands on a copy of Goat Simulator, the hilarious game that began as a game jam game from Coffee Stain Studios that took the internet by storm, as Kotch Media have announced the retail edition of Goat Simulator will be heading to retail on May 23 here in the UK.

Goat Simulator Review, There’s a New Kid on the Block.

Goat Simulator, a game that began as a game-jam experiment that turned into an internet sensation. Coffee Stain Studios had accidentally stumbles across something genius here. A game which seemed positively stupid and incomplete took the internet by storm with fans crying out for the game to be released, something that actually happened, and here's my thoughts.

Goat Simulator To Get Split Screen Multiplayer and New Map in...

If you think Goat Simulator wasn't crazy enough, how about Goat Simulator with split screen local multiplayer? That's right, soon you and a friend can reign havoc on the humble town of Goatington (not really the towns name) on the same computer on the same screen! What's more, Coffee Stain Studios are throwing in a new map absolutely free!

n3rdabl3 Plays Goat Simulator! (Part 2) DEMON GOAT!!!1!!1!

It's part two of Goat Simulatorrr!! That's right, part one clearly wasn't enough so here's part 2. Goat Simulator is the game that was never supposed to be. Finally released into the world on April 1, here's my brief encounter with Goat Sim and all of the hidden gems that I discover.

n3rdabl3 Plays Goat Simulator – Part 1

April Fools day, to some it's the day where nothing is quite what it seems and everyone is trying to pull one over on you. To me, and Coffee Stain Studios it's the day that Goat Simulator gets released into the world. The game that was never supposed to see the light of day is currently available to download on Steam!

Goat Simulator Gets The Dead Island Treatment.

Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios is set to hit PC on April 1st. A launch trailer has been released to prepare players for life as a goat, including the pinnacle goat technology, rocket packs.

Goat Simulatoar Head (Butts) To Steam on April 1.

Coffee Stain Studios' hilarious game-jam demo turned full blown release where players get to run around as a goat licking and butting things out of the way has an actual release date, a rather fitting April 1. Trust me, you're not the first to ask "bro are u srs," as Coffee Stain Studios has fully confirmed the release date.

The n3rdcast Episode #13 | Steak Sauce

First off, the only way you'll understand what the fuck this is a picture of, you need to listen to the podcast...

Goat Simulator Is Actually Getting a Release, Will be Crashing onto...

"OKAY INTERNET YOU WIN, IT LOOKS LIKE GOAT SIMULATOR IS OUR NEXT IP." reads the description for the above video as the developers behind the viral hit Goat Simulator finally cave and plan to release the game on Steam!

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