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GOG.com Winter Sale Has Begun – Get Grim Fandango Remastered For...

GOG have started their winter sale today with over 900 titles on sale! The sale will last until the December 26.
Saints Row GOG Sale

Get Saints Row 2 Free and Saints Row IV Cheap &...

Do you fancy playing the Saints Row games offline at any time anywhere in the world without spending a lot of money?

GOG Galaxy Comes out of Beta

GOG Galaxy, GOG.com's optional game client with features such as DRM-free backups, update rollbacks, and cross-platform play, is coming out of beta with version 1.2.
GOG Goodbye 2016 Sale Announcement

GOG.com To See 2016 Off In Affordable Style With “Goodbye 2016”...

I don't think it'd be too controversial to say this year's been a bumpy ride for pretty much everyone in one way or another, but despite a varied palette of awfulness 2016 has been a surprisingly good year for gaming.
GOG.com Summer Sale

The 2016 GOG.com Summer Sale is Here!

It's time to officially kick off Summer with the arrival of the first big game sale over at GOG.com.

GOG Connect Lets you Connect your Steam Account, Get Free Games

GOG.com is launching a new program today called GOG Connect which will let users connect a Steam account to add eligible games to their GOG.com library. This promise means that both new users of GOG looking to jumpstart their library can and current users who want to bulk things out can as well.
GOG.com Witcher Series Sale

GOG.com Sale Slashes The Witcher Series Prices

If you're a fan of the grand adventures of one Geralt of Rivia but haven't quite completed your The Witcher collection or want to get into CD Projekt Red's popular RPG series, now may be probably one of the best times to do so, as CD Projekt Red have unveiled the GOG.com Witcher Series Sale, slashing a fair bit off the prices of every game and expansion pack in the series - DRM free, of course.

GOG.com to Offer Early Access-like “Games in Development”

With Early Access becoming the new trend of releasing games, the latest to jump onto that bandwagon is GOG.com, who hope to offer a more risk-free and curated version of this programme.

The GOG.com Winter Sale is Here, and Oh My God

Following the disappointment that was the Steam Autumn Sale, GOG.com has pulled out all of the stops and has launched their Winter Sale, and let me tell you, you're in for a treat.

GMG and GOG are Having a Tiff over CD Keys

Earlier today it was discovered that reputable storefront Green Man Gaming are offering a pretty fantastic deal on a GOG redeemable code for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for $39 (£49.99 on the UK store), a pretty substantial discount on the game's original price, and considerably cheaper than Steam's $54 price tag (which is currently on offer for £39.99 on the UK store). It sounds like a great deal, right? Well there might be a snag as CD Projekt RED have revealed that GMG's key's are from an "unknown source" and recommend avoiding GMG at all costs. Uh oh.
gog galaxy

GOG’s Steam-like Distribution Service GOG Galaxy Launches into Open Beta

GOG has always had a strong stance against DRM and has always offered games free to download rather than activate on services such as Steam. So in an attempt to cut out the middle-man, GOG decided to unveil GOG Galaxy, a new service that'll work similar to Steam, but offer you the chance to play the game, even if you're not online. The service has been in closed alpha for some time but as of today it's available for anyone to try.

GOG.com Adds Hit Video Game Titles from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has just released a bunch of its popular titles, DRM-free on GOG.com, and all but one are heavily discounted this...

Star Wars Classics Take Over GOG.com in January

Classic Lucasfilm Star Wars games are being released this month on GOG.com for your nerdy pleasure. Starting with X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance, both of which are available now, an additional six games in the series have been added to the line-up today, with more to be released over the coming days.

Forget Good Old Games, How about Good Old Movies? GOG.com Adds...

Good Old Games, or GOG.com as it's now known will soon be adding something else to it's ever growing DRM-free catalogue: DRM-free movies. This isn't just a pipe-dream either GOG.com have already introduced twenty movies into the new initiative where gamers and movie fans alike can pay a one off fee to either download or stream entire movies! All of this is also accompanied by a brand new website design which will hopefully make navigation a little easier too!

OlliOlli Grinds it’s Way Onto PC Next Week

If you've been a bit jealous of Vita owners in recent weeks, it's probably because you've been missing out on Roll7's side-scrolling, Tony Hawks-mocking...

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