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R.I.P. Google Glass: Google Removes All Social Media Associated with the...

Google Glass had a good run, but it seems the company has put its failed wearable to bed as it closes down all social media channels associated with Glass. Though it's not like we didn't see it coming.

Is This the Next Google Glass?

Over the holiday period an FCC filing published on December 28, we get a glimpse at what could be the next Google Glass headset. This is the first device we've seen since Google announced Project Aura, a new team which has been hard at work on the next Glass headset.

Google Glass is Dead… Here’s Project Aura Instead

You read right, it seems Google has killed off Glass and has gone back to the drawing board taking the ambitious wearable back to...

Google Glass 2.0 Incoming?

Google Glass was sadly killed off by Google last year, with many who forked out over £1000 to get the odd-looking headset feeling left out in the cold. Fortunately for fans of Glass a new version might be on the horizon as evidence that the program isn't as dead as we first thought, has surfaced.

Google Glass May Return as Fashion Conscious Tech

Though Glass has all but been buried by Google, at least the first generation device has, a new more fashion conscious version of the tech may arrive soon that'll offer the same functionality but with much more style. The news comes via the Wall Street Journal who has heard from Italian eyewear maker Luxottica that they're working with Google to make version 2.0.

Google’s Glass will Return Next Year with Intel Inside

News surrounding Google's Glass wearable has gone pretty quiet over the past few months since Google finally made the wearable open to everyone who has a spare £1,500 to throw at the device to become an early adopter, or Explorer, as Google call it, but according to a new report, Google's Glass will be making a return next year as a completely new model with Intel inside.

Will Buying Google Glass Make me a Wanker?

'I can't believe you used our conversation as a feature for n3rdabl3,' she says. 'Why?' I ask. 'That's wholly in character for me. I'm...

MindRDR, The New Google Glass App That Will Blow Your Mind!

After just getting used to the idea that you can have a wearable like Google Glass which has taken the world by storm at it futuristic technology, today sees the release of a new app that will allow you to control Google Glass with your mind!

Well, That Was Quick. UK Cinemas Ban Google Glass Only a...

Ah Glass, Google's wearable tech that is only really available to those than can afford to shell out $1,000 / £1,500, has been getting a bad wrap ever since Google announced its existence in April, 2012. Though the wearable isn't yet actually fully available to consumers at a reasonable price point, that hasn't stopped many different establishments from banning the tech. The latest to do so is a UK cinema trade group who is urging its membership to ban Glass.
Lenovo logo

Lenovo Taking on Google Glass?

It was inevitable really, that once Google has established a market for Glass others would launch similar products. This isn't necessary a bad thing. Think of the first guy that made shoes, they likely tried to get everyone to wear shoes and then other people came along with different designs of shoes, and if only one person owned the rights to footwear we'd all have incredibly boring feet; it's the same with technology.

Google Glass Gets a RAM Upgrade Ahead of Google I/O

Earlier this week Google announced that Glass, their fancy bit of technical eye-wear, is now available to buy in the UK, but that wasn't all Google had to announce as they've just revealed that the latest Glass headsets will now contain a few improvements as well as a RAM upgrade from 1GB to 2GB. Unfortunately those who already own Glass, won't get the upgrade.

Google Glass Finally Lands in the UK, Become an Explorer for...

Google Glass has finally made the long voyage overseas and is now available to tech-addicts in the UK. Unfortunately the high price tag is still attached, and will set potential Glass Explorers back £1,000. Google are currently opening up their appointment books so you can try and buy Glass, right now.

Google Glass Gets a Tear Down, Reveals Cost of Hardware is...

Those that have been following the progress of Google's wearable tech, Google Glass, will know that in order to be considered as an "Explorer" and to get your own Glass hardware, you need to prove to Google that you're worthy, you also need to fork out $1,500 to secure yourself a pair of the high-tech specs. We're all hoping that once Google's Glass is made available to the public the price will drop significantly, even more so now a tear down of Glass has completed by TechInsights’ Teardown.com division which reveals the tech to cost no more than $100..

Google Glass is Going on Sale to Everyone for One Day...

Have you been eager to grab your self a pair of Google's Glass tech but haven't been fortunate enough to gain access to Google's Glass Explorer Program? Well never fear because for one day only everyone will be able to have a stab at purchasing Google Glass for one day only but be warned, places are limited.

Yes Please! Google Signs Google Glass Deal with Ray-Ban & Oakley...

Google have recently introduced a new set of frames for it's wearable tech, Google Glass, and though they are much more stylish than Google's original Glass frame they just didn't have the wow factor of other well known frames. Google hope to hit that market too now they've signed a deal with Ray-Ban and Oakley creator, Luxottica.

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