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Google I/O Dated for May, Mark your Calendars

Google fans, grab your Android smartphone, open your Chromebook, and head to Google Calendar as there's a date for you to slap in there. That date is for Google I/O this year, which Google has announced will be taking place on May 28 - 29 this year. Registration for the event, for those who'd rather be there in person, will be opening at 9 am on March 17, and it'll also be live-streamed for those who can't get to San Francisco.
Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard: Make Your Own VR Headset… Out of Cardboard.

You can make boxes out of cardboard, plant holders out of cardboard, little ships that eventually sink, out of cardboard, and if you use your imagination you can make a spaceship or submarine out of cardboard. I've made all of these things (and more) out of cardboard, but I can't say I've ever made a fully functioning VR headset out of cardboard...

Android Auto Coming to a Car Near You.

When was the last time you used your phone while driving?
Android Lollypop

Google Set to Unveil Android Lollypop (Android 5.0) at Google I/O

For the past year or so Google's Android team have instead been releasing small updates for Android KitKat rather than launching a new version of the mobile OS which is rumoured to be called Lollypop, but today it looks like it's finally going to happen. At Google I/O this evening, Google are set to announce the next version of Android, which will launch in October.

Moto 360 Price Revealed

Moto 360 is a device that has us all pretty excited here at n3rdabl3 HQ, the smartwatch will be the first of its kind running Android Wear, Google’s own smartwatch OS...

Google’s Rumoured Nexus 8 Tablet, Could Come with Intel Inside.

As we draw ever closer to Google's I/O Event that's set to be held on June 25-26 we're all expecting one thing, a brand new Nexus tablet. Rumours suggest that this year Google will be upping their game and releasing an 8-inch device rather than a 7-inch device, that's right, the illusive Nexus 8.

Google I/O: Google+ Hangouts Get’s the Revamp it Needs

Following on from a few rumours that Google were going to be releasing a unified chat platform have today been confirmed. Set to be release as the new Hangouts complete with a new Hangout app to support it.
designed for tablets

Google I/O: Google Play Store getting a ‘designed for tablets’ top...

Due to the continued growing popularity of Android tablets Google have finally gone ahead with putting a ‘designed for tablets’ section in the top charts. This will work across all the different categories and help those tablet users find apps that use all their devices power.
Play Games screen shot

Google I/O – Google Play Games arrives on Android, iOS and...

With a whole heap of excitement and bated breath, we reported the leak of Google Play game services earlier this week and were incredibly pleased last night to see everything we'd hoped for at Google I/O...

Google I/O: Google+ to get a new design and hashtags.

Fresh out of Google I/O the latest for Google+ is that it’s going to be getting a much need visual make over in both the user interface and a brand new feature which intelligently and automatically hashtag's your Google+ post.
google io

Google I/O: 900 Million Android Activations, 48 Billion App Installs

Google I/O is well under way and way before any announcement was officially made the first huge bit of news was announced and that was that Android device activations have reached 900 million as of 2013 and around 48 Billion apps have been installed across different Android devices.
nexus 4 -2

Android 4.3 Pops Up on Developer Website

With the start of Google I/O only around 30 minutes away Android 4.3 has been sort of confirmed thanks to a search listing for Android 4.3 that has appeared on Google's Developer website.

Google I/O Event Page Features Some Cracking Easter Eggs

May 15-17 are the dates for Google's big Input/Output event where we've previously seen announcements like the Nexus 7 and Android Jelly Bean and I'm sure this year will be just as good. I for one am really excited for this year and those of you like me , to keep you busy until May, the I/O event site is full of some awesome Easter eggs, if you can work them out that is.

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