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Google Opens up Google Now to Around 40 Third Party Apps

We've heard recently that Google may be opening up its smart-assistant Google Now to third party apps, and as of today, Google has made...

Google Now Now Alerts You When You’re Nearby A Store that...

Window shopping is a term that refers to the act of browsing for good with no intentions of buying. It's something we all do whether we're consciously doing it or not. I'll often find myself in a dark corner of PC World or Maplin oggling at electronics. The act of Window Shopping has now transferred online where we'll often browse sites for items with no intentions of buying, it's probably easier that way, and our sofas and beds are a much more comfortable way to do it. The only problem is, we can't touch the item we're looking at unless we commit to buy, but what if there was a convenient way to browse online and get to see the item in person?

Google Now will Now Remind You Where you’ve Parked, Will Remain...

A handful of updates have landed for Google Now adding some new features to Google's contextual assistant. The first was one spotted a few weeks ago which suggested Google Now will remind you where you parked, another keeps Google Now cards active even when you don't have an Internet connection.
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Big Google Now Update Will Remember Where you Parked, Remind you...

A handful of Google Now rumours have been floating about the internet recently showing some new features that'll be coming to the contextually aware personal assistant. According to the rumours Google Now may soon start reminding you to pay bills and reminding you where exactly you parked - fantastic!

Google Now Emerges Bleary Eyed onto the Chrome Stable Channel.

Google Now has been an integral part of Android since it's launch a few years back, offering contextually informative cards for its users based...

Meet Cortana, Microsoft’s Attempt at a Google Now / Siri Competitor.

In Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update users will have a new companion in their pockets in the form of Cortana, a personal digital assistant much like Apple's Siri and Google's Google Now. For those hoping that it'd take on the glowing white/blue face of Halo's Cortana, you'll be sadly disappointed.

Google’s Nexus 5 Exclusive Google Now Luncher Now Available for All...

When Google revealed the Nexus 5 along side it they unveiled Android KitKat and it's new Google Now launcher. For a while the launcher was exclusive to the Nexus 5 but now Google has released the homescreen replacement onto the Google Play Store for all Nexus and Google Play Edition devices!

Fancy trying Google Now on your PC or Mac?

Since getting my Nexus 4 complete with Jelly Bean, the Google Now feature has constantly baffled me. Cards appear at random, I'll always know the weather, unless it decides to replace the weather card with local attractions. No matter how much I read up on it, I just can't seem to get to grips with the location based smart search app..

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