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Fleksy 2.0 Android Update adds Cloud Features and Challenging Badges.

Today, Fleksy for Android, the inteligent "you can type with your eyes closed" keyboard, updates to 2.0 bringing with it some brand new features including Cloud personalisation and Badges that reward users for completing certain challenges.

‘Flappy Bird’ Gone Forever? Apple’s Rules Prevent App’s Restoration

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, developer Dong Nguyen discussed his thoughts on bringing the game back after having apparently thrown all of his very, very expensive toys out of his equally-expensive pram. Removing the arcade-esque hit from both iOS and Android markets would have set Nguyen back a suggested $50,000 per day after players became obsessed over its frustrating difficulty, sometimes sending death threats to the developer, but now Apple's developer agreement has removed near any possibility of the title resurfacing under the same name.
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Go Away Flappy Bird, Google and Apple Begin Rejecting Flappy Bird...

Following the untimely death of Flappy Bird hundreds of developers began creating clones of the game hoping to cash in on the $50,000 a day revenue that Flappy Bird was reportedly earning. According to a recent report it looks as if Google and Apple are getting a little sick of Flappy this and Flappy that and have started to reject games of a similar nature.

Could BlackBerry 10 Devices be Getting Google Play?

Since the introduction of BlackBerry 10 some users have found that they can side load Android apps thanks to the architecture of the BlackBerry 10 OS. According to recent leaks a BlackBerry Z10 running BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS show the Google Play Store running on the device. If these leaks are legitimate, could Google Play be coming to BlackBerry 10 devices soon?
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Rumours Point to Nexus 5 Launching Today at 6pm.

Google have still yet to announce the launch of the Nexus 5 but numerous sources speaking to numerous websites have pointed to an official announcement/launch at 11am Pacific, or 6pm for us Brits.
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Google Play Hits 50 Billion App Downloads

During the companies second quarter earnings call yesterday Google Play CEO Larry Page revealed Google Play users have downloaded more than 50 billion apps, I like to think he fist pumped the air at the time.

Crazy Taxi now available on Android!

Those of you who had a SEGA Dreamcast probably had Crazy Taxi, a ruthless driving game where you must pick up a passenger and take them to their destination as quickly as possible before the time and your fare runs out. If you haven't well now's your chance to get it as it's just smashed it's way onto Android and is available to download right now!

TuneIn Radio App Now Lets You Buy Directly from Google Play

Those of you who are a fan of the radio streaming app TuneIn may have noticed an update recently but nothing too noticeable in the UI. Don't you just hate that? Well it turns out the latest update now lets you buy the songs you hear from Google Play!

Google Play Store Now Available on Nook HD and HD+

Barnes & Noble's Nook HD, and Nook HD+ haven't really taken off in the UK. Surprisingly they are widely available to test out in some stores, but it feels as if the Kindle has the monopoly in the UK for tablet e-readers. Today however news came in that the Nook HD and HD+ now have the Google Play Store and this feature could be a game changer for those looking for a tablet e-reader.

Google Play Store is getting a face lift.

Some good news for you Android users today as Google are rolling out a new, re-designed Google Play Store today. The new design is all about making apps, movies, albums and much more standout to you in a new way. The new design is fresh, clean and more to the point is fast. Google have stated that the redesign is focused on helping you find great entertainment faster then before.

Google Play Gift Cards Hit UK Retail Stores.

A little over six months ago Google started to offer Play Store gift cards in US retail stores. Now it’s finally time for the UK to get them as well as they are arriving this week. Available in denominations of £10, £25 and £50 they will make it a bit easier to give the gift of Google. As it stands there is no restriction on what content can be purchased using the cards meaning that full run of the Google Play store is on hand.
Watch those pud’s Santa!

Santa Saves Christmas – A Simple & Festive App.

Old Saint Nick is in trouble! A disgruntled Elf has stolen all the presents! It's time to man the sleigh and guide those reindeer. Santa Saves...
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No More Anonymous Reviews on our Apps Please!

Everyone hates becoming a victim of the Internet Troll, that faceless nobody that needs to hide behind a stupid pseudonym and write negative things...
Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds Star Wars: These Aren’t The Birds You’re Looking For

Angry Birds, One of the most loved games ever to grace the hand held gaming world has made yet another spinoff. The Rovio Empire...

Little Empire game for iOS & Android

I'm going to start by saying, what a great little game!  I work nights and due to my work I have a fair bit...

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