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Stadia Games Will Remain Playable if Publishers Pull Support

Games on Google's upcoming Stadia platform will remain playable even if the publishers pull support for the platform, the company has thankfully revealed. Game streaming...
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E3 2019: Google Stadia Launches November, Priced at $9.99

During today's Stadia Connect livestream Google unveiled that their game streaming service will launch this November with pricing plans beginning at $9.99. Following its announcement...
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Google Stadia E3 Briefing Planned Ahead of E3 2019

Google has announced that it'll be unveiling Stadia pricing, games, and more ahead of E3 2019 via its own live stream, Stadia Connect. The live...

Google Provides a Great Thanos Easter Egg

Google has created an interesting Thanos Easter egg to promote the release of Avengers: Endgame in cinemas this weekend. With Avengers Endgame currently in the cinemas, a...
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Google Stadia Brings Instant Gaming to Any Platform

During a keynote at GDC today, Google unveiled more details of its Project Stream including its name: Stadia. Stadia is set to be Google's attempt...

Google Teases Big GDC Plans, Hires Jade Raymond as VP

Google is once again teasing some big things for the Games Developer Conference (GDC) this month with a fancy new teaser trailer and a...
Google Controller Mock Up

Google Controller Concept Leaks

This weekend a handful of patents surfaced for features coming to a controller designed by Google, and thanks to one designer, their mock-ups have...

Google has Big Gaming Plans for GDC

Apparently, Google is readying a big gaming announcement for GDC next month which not only includes a streaming service but a console, too. While Google...

Home Alone Makes a Return in Google’s Latest Ad

Macaulay Culkin is back as Kevin McCallister in Google's latest ad which sees Culkin Home Alone... again. Being left...

What Have I Googled? (2017 Edition)

Oh 2017, I will be so glad to say a forever goodbye to you because let's be real you've been a bit, well, shit...

Google Working on Standalone VR Headset

While presenting at I/O 2017, Google announced that they are working on a standalone VR headset. The headset will use tech from Google's Tango...

Google Home is Coming to the UK this Spring

Google has announced that their smart speaker, Google Home, is set to land in the UK this Spring.

Chromebooks are About to Become Supercharged

Some big news on the Chromebook front this week both for the average user, the more intense PC user, and the education sector.

The Sun Sets on Project Titan as Alphabet Shifts Focus to...

Alphabet has confirmed to Business Insider that it's pulling the plug on its solar-powered drone project, Project Titan. Instead, it looks like the company will be focusing more on Project Loon, the company's solar done that hopes to bring Internet to rural locations.
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What Have I Googled? (2016 Edition)

Lets be real, twenty-sixteen has been a year that's really rocked the boat and upset a lot of people. That being said in hundreds of years to come if all an alien race had was my search history to gauge what 2016 was like they would have no clue about any of the political turmoil or heartbreaking losses we've seen this year.

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