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GRiD 2 Finally Gets Demolition Derby Mode, for Free!

Yesterday Codemasters announced that the much loved Demolition Derby mode found in the original GRiD game has finally made it's way onto GRiD 2 for Xbox 360 and PC, with PlayStation 3 to follow next week. The free DLC should be available to download, right now.
GRiD 2

GRID 2 Will Recieve Mod Support on PC

For those of you that enjoy the racing game known as GRID 2, and have the PC version of the game, then modders have been given access to the game as of the next Community Patch!
GRiD 2

Grid 2 Drift Pack DLC available now.

Codemasters have announced and released a brand new DLC pack called the Drift Pack which contains four special edition cars available for players to race in single player, split screen, and multiplayer modes.

Grid 2 Review – Clipping the Apex

Coming from the legendary team who brought us Toca Touring Cars and the first Grid game comes their second stab at the Grid franchise with Grid 2. Can the Codemasters racing team bring the magic they wove onto the asphalt back with a handbrake turn and a well executed donut?
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GRiD 2: Mono Edition, The Worlds Most Expensive Game Priced at...

Now I'm a huge fan of GRiD ever since I decided to play the first game. I'm actually super excited for the release of GRiD 2 and I've only got a week left to wait until it's mine. But when Codemasters announced this morning that they're offering one copy of GRiD 2: Mono Edition for £125,000 I thought it was a bit silly.
GRiD 2

Brand New GRiD 2 Drift Trailer & Track List Announcement

With only two weeks left until the launch of GRiD 2 we've been given another treat in the form of the third part of the World Series Racing video which showcases three more of the games various race types. Along with this we've also been given the huge list of tracks that'll be starring in the new game.
GRiD 2

GRiD 2 Introduces “LiveRoutes” Only in GRiD 2.

When I usually play racing games I find that the first time I attempt a new track I'm absolutely awful at it until I complete a lap at least once. This is so I can get used to the track and know what corners I can zip through without applying too much of the brake. When I watched this video I was shocked, and frustrated but excited all at the same time.
GRiD 2

GRiD 2 Multiplayer Details Announced

Yesterday Codemasters lifted the lid on GRiD 2's multiplayer mode which is set to fully immerse players in the GRiD racing world.
GRiD 2

GRID 2 An Introduction to World Series Racing.

GRiD 2 is one of many games I'm looking forward to this year, I recently reviewed the last GRiD game and let me tell you, it's a fantastic AAA game even today almost 6 years after it's release. Whereas GRiD was a game under the Race Driver series of games, GRiD 2 takes the name and creates an entirely new franchise away from the original Race Driver series. The game also features a brand new concept that involves Patrick Callahan the entrepreneur and founder of World Series Racing, the fictional cross-discipline motor racing championship that runs throughout GRID 2.

Race Driver: GRiD, A Game WAY Before It’s Time.

With the release of GRiD 2 only a few months away, and the Xbox sale last week cutting the price of Race Driver: GRiD down by about 80% I thought, "Why not give it a go!" So I did, and it's probably the best think that I've ever suggested to myself to do in a very long time...
GRiD 2

The GRiD 2 Gameplay Trailer is Just.. Wow..

As promised Codemasters uploaded the full GRiD 2 gameplay trailer to the GRiD 2 YouTube channel and I have to say, it's gorgeous! I know sometimes 'gameplay' trailers tend to be beefed up a little with nice renders and what not; but if this is what the actual game play graphics are going to be like - put me down for a copy!
GRiD 2

GRID 2 Gameplay Teaser Trailer – Ohhhh Yeahh!

Codemasters uploaded a sneak peak to their upcoming GRID game yesterday and I have to say, it looks fantastic. The video gives a taste of what to expect giving a snapshot of the relentless, high-impact and aggressive thrills that lie at the core of the game’s cinematic race experience.
GRiD 2

Get On Your Marks on May 31st for GRID 2!

Codemasters announced today that the next game in the BAFTA-award winning series GRID will be coming to UK retail on May 31's for Xbox...

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