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GRID Release Pushed Back to October

The reboot of the GRID franchise was set to release in September, but has now been pushed back a month "to give added exposure". The...

GRID Confirms First 12 Cars and Features

Codemasters are bringing back the GRID franchise, and the first 12 cars of the proposed 70-strong car list have been revealed. Set to release September...

GRID is Making a Comeback, New Game Announced

Codemasters has today announced that its GRID franchise is making a comeback with a new title launching on September 12, 2019. Simply titled GRID, this...

Report: Layoffs hit Grid: Autosport Developer Codemasters

According to sources speaking with Eurogamer, around 30 staff could be facing layoffs at Codemasters, the developer behind the GRID and DIRT franchises, as well as the F1 series of games.

GRiD Autosport Preview

Every day of the week I'm the same guy. Somewhat overweight, hairy, and generally a bit of a weirdo. My life resounds with the mediocrity of a wade through wallpaper paste in beige overalls while consistent heavy drizzle turns everything into a heap. Nothing special ever happens and no-one ever cheers my name. James never comes up above my head in neon lights, shining through the a ticker tape parade. Well, unless in a doctor's waiting room for the treatment of my latest minor ailment. In GRiD Autosport though, I put on my drivers helmet and it all changes.

Codemasters: “Next-gen GRiD Will Come in Time”

Following yesterdays GRiD: Autosport announcement from Codemasters gamers were left a little confused and disappointed that they won't be getting the next-generation console experience they were looking forward to as GRiD: Autosport is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Since the announcement Codemasters has explained the lack of support for the latest-generation consoles.

GRiD: Autosport Announced, Skipping Latest-Gen Consoles.

Last week we wrote that Codemasters had teased the announcement of a new GRiD game which was scheduled for today, but it seems that the information surrounding the new GRiD title was released a little early. The games title and information which surfaced on Sunday, has now been confirmed by Codemasters as GRiD: Autosport which is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 on June 27.

GRiD 3 Incoming, Reportedly with Cockpit View! #RacingIsComing

The next instalment to the GRiD franchise has been teased by Codemasters which is set to include a brand new view which was surprisingly missing from the last title - cockpit view! Codemasters are well known for the GRiD and DiRT racing series, and the latest handful of teasers are definitely something to get excited about.
GRiD 2

Brand New GRiD 2 Drift Trailer & Track List Announcement

With only two weeks left until the launch of GRiD 2 we've been given another treat in the form of the third part of the World Series Racing video which showcases three more of the games various race types. Along with this we've also been given the huge list of tracks that'll be starring in the new game.

Race Driver: GRiD, A Game WAY Before It’s Time.

With the release of GRiD 2 only a few months away, and the Xbox sale last week cutting the price of Race Driver: GRiD down by about 80% I thought, "Why not give it a go!" So I did, and it's probably the best think that I've ever suggested to myself to do in a very long time...

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