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Here’s the latest news surrounding the Grand Theft Auto franchise as a whole, whether its news of a new game, mention of the series, and more, you’ll find it here.


Rockstar Loses A Pretty Big Lead Developer

Leslie Benzies. Do you happen to know the name? No? Allow me to enlighten you.

BBC’s Grand Theft Auto Movie: The Gamechangers, has a trailer

After a shaky road to actually becoming a reality, the BBC's docu-drama, The Gamechangers, has finally been confirmed.

Opinion: Why is Hatred Spawning Debates on Morals in Games?

The basis of the game is that you'll play a man who has had a breakdown of sorts, is sick of 'humanity' and decides to pick up a small arsenal and head out onto the streets to enact scenes of extreme violence with no ethics or morals involved. The character doesn't care who he kills, murdering anyone and everyone in his path, including civilians and police.

BBC’s GTA Drama, Game Changer, Will Star Daniel Radcliffe, Bill Paxton

The BBC has announced their commissions for this year on BBC Two, one of which includes the previously announced drama based on the developers behind Grand Theft Auto. In amongst the news comes some interesting information and some confirmation as to who will be staring in the 90 minute show.
daniel radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe to play Grand Theft Auto Creator?

A little while ago we learned that Grand Theft Auto was getting a documentary drama covering the development of the game series, which would be made by the BBC. Now Daniel Radcliffe appears to be in talks over playing the creator, co-founder and president of Rockstar Games, Sam Houser.

The BBC is Making a Docu-Drama Based on the Making of...

The BBC has announced that it's making a 90-minute live-action docu-drama based around the creation of Grand Theft Auto. The scripted documentary will focus on Rockstar North, the Scotland-based developer behind the series, and will likely focus more on the people behind the game than the game itself.

Real Estate Agency Want the Next Grand Theft Auto to be...

I'm not too overly familiar with the world of real estate, but isn't the idea to get people to actually buy houses and not put off perspective buyers by suggesting your city is a perfect setting for the next Grand Theft Auto? I don't know, perhaps it's some sort of odd reverse psychology as Willie Clark over at Movoto Real Estate, is hoping Rockstar will listen to him and set the next GTA in the city of Portland.
GTA Online

GTA Online Rumour hints at Casinos and Zombies Mode..

If there is one thing I like as much as video games, it’s gambling - responsibly of course. However this is why the latest news about GTA Online is very exciting. Rumours have been circling about a big update that may be coming to the extremely popular online game. If this update were to take place it would add casinos into the Grand Theft Auto universe with also a little pinch of zombies.

This is Why we Can’t Have Nice Things.. iCEnhancer Modder Quits...

Technical artist Hayssam Keilany, the brains and the talent behind the GTA IV mod, iCEnhancer, has decided to call it quits following the release of iCEnhancer 3.0 thanks to an influx of complaints about lack of credit to other modders for work he himself did, crap suggesting his fame is due to "whoring" himself out to media, and get this; complains that the mod isn't as good as other releases and that it doesn't look as good as Watch Dogs.. Jesus..

Celebrate Independence Day the ‘MURICAN Way in Grand Theft Auto Online...

In celebration of Intependence Day, Rockstar has released a brand new content pack which practically screams 'MURRRCA in your ear until you're deaf. What's more, they're celebrating July 4 by having a four day weekend event that'll see players earning double GTA$ and double RP as well as 75% of all airstrikes and 35% off ammo for grenade launchers, RPGs and miniguns. 'MURRRCA!!

E3 2014: GTA 5 Coming to Latest Console Generation

We all speculated it might happen. We all wondered when. We all wondered if. It's finally been announced. Grand Theft Auto Five (GTA 5) is coming to PS4 in Fall along with the Xbox One version, according to Sony's Andrew House.

Rockstar’s First PlayStation 4 / Xbox One Title Coming Before April...

Take-Two Interactive, the publisher behind Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V, has revealed during an investor call that the developer is currently working on a title for Microsoft and Sony's latest generation console, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Business Update

Rockstar Announces Free Business Update for GTA Online on March 4,...

Following Rockstar's fairly disappointing Valentines Day Massacre Special event which they held on Valentines Day this month, Rockstar have announced a brand new update, titled the Business Update, which will bring more in-game items in the form of weapons, fancy cars, and planes - look at all the things we can't afford!

Could the Sons of Anarchy Game be Developed by Rockstar?

It's not unique news that Rockstar was asked to develop the Sons of Anarchy game. Nor is it a hidden fact that Kurt Sutter is following the GTA creators on Twitter... It has however shone some hopeful light on the announcement made this week on Mr. Sutter securing a developer for the SOA video game.

Grand Theft Auto V Sells 32.5 Million Copies to Retailers According...

Take-Two Interactive Software have recently revealed their earnings following the end of the third fiscal quarter, which ended on Dec. 31. The company has made record earnings thanks to one of the best selling and probably best titles of 2013, Grand Theft Auto V.

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