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Activision to Close Guitar Hero TV in December

Activision has announced plans to close down it's always-online Guitar Hero Live channel later this year, removing over 200 songs from the game.
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Guitar Hero Live Developer Suffers Losses due to “Restructuring”

It's quickly starting to look like the return of the music game is dying just as quickly as it came back as Activision has revealed that UK-based FreeStyleGames is going under "restructuring" and as a result some staff have been cut.
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Guitar Hero Live gets more Fall Out Boy and Pop Songs

After you're done rocking out to the likes of Uma Thurman, Irresistible, and Centuries, you can get things in a more pop-oriented direction...
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FreeStyle Reveals Christmas’ Most Played Guitar Hero Live Songs

Guitar Hero Live seems to have had a fair bit of playtime racked up over Christmas, enough that Activision and FreeStyle Games have compiled a kind of official Guitar Hero Live chart for the festive period, showing off the most popular songs played through the most merry part of the year.

Yes, You’ll be Able to Singalong in Guitar Hero Live

Yep, Guitar Hero Live won't strictly be an all-guitar affair like we first thought, as in a brand new Behind the Scenes clip for Guitar Hero Live, FreeStyleGames reveals that those who'd rather sing, can in the upcoming music game.
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Activision Announce the First Premium Show for Guitar Hero Live

In Guitar Hero Live players will be able to either play solo using a pre-defined selection of songs, or they can go online to Guitar Hero TV, a new multiplayer mode that allows players to play along to an endless stream of tracks absolutely free. There is however one additional way players can play, and that's with exclusive Premium Shows.

Guitar Hero Live ‘Hero Powers’ Unveiled, New Screenshots

When you're doing particularly well in Guitar Hero you'd whack the Star Power button then go hell for leather earning bonus points to become the ultimate Guitar Hero master. Well, Star Power isn't making a return to the game this time, instead new special modifier modes have been unveiled, Hero Powers.

No Subscription Required for Guitar Hero Live’s Guitar Hero TV

One of the ways FreeStyleGames is hoping Guitar Hero Live will remain forever your music game of choice is with the new 24/7 live interactive music channel where players can jam along to the various tracks being played. Until now however we've been unsure on how it'll work..

More Tracks Unveiled for Guitar Hero Live

Building a track list for a music game must be a tough one. On one hand you have people like me who don't want to play the same old tunes over and over, but then you have others who'd rather play something they know rather than something obscure or too modern. That's why this week the listing is a little more friendly to everyone.

Here’s your Latest Batch of Guitar Hero Live Tracks

After a disappointing first week and a redeeming second week, Guitar Hero Live has had my emotions towards the game fluctuating more than the British weather. This week is once again a mixed bag throwing in a selection of classic cliche tracks with some original additions. I don't know what to feel any more!

Activision adds More Tracks to Guitar Hero Live

The first confirmed tracks for Guitar Hero Live were a little lacklustre at best. In fact half of the tracks initially announced had already appeared in Guitar Hero games of the past, so I had little hope for the game to redeem it self when the next batch of tracks were unveiled. Fortunately, Activision pulled it out of the bag and announced a handful of tracks which I find quite appealing. It's like they listened to my rants!

Opinion: Music in Music Games; Are we not Tired of the...

With this year seeing the return of Rock Band and Guitar Hero, the musical video game genre is back on the rise, and while Rock Band seems to be sticking with the same formula allowing for backwards compatibility, Guitar Hero is heading down the innovative route hoping to woo players with a new control system and overall concept. All this is well and good for fans of either franchise, but there's just one thing that's ticking me off a little. I'm getting sick of the same old songs being added to the games.
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Here’s Guitar Hero Live’s Updated Track List..

With Activision's new hashtag, you'll never guess what'll be happening every Tuesday, that's right, more tracks will be unveiled for Guitar Hero Live, the upcoming Guitar Hero from FreeStyleGames. So get hyped, because here's what you'll be rocking out to when Guitar Hero Live launches later this year.

Activision is Going Old School, and I’m Not Complaining

With a new Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the horizon, this year looks to be a fantastic year for Activision releases. It seems they've taken a look back a decade or so to see what was doing well, and just like fashion trends, are hoping to bring it around once more to not only capture a new audience, but to hopefully spark some nostaliga in fans of the publishers series from well over a decade ago, and for once I'm actually pretty excited by an older series making a return.
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Guitar Hero Live’s Behind the Scenes Trailer Shows “The Making Of..”

In a brand new trailer for Guitar Hero Live, Activision has gone behind the scenes at FreeStyleGames to learn more about the making of Guitar Hero Live and how this live-action musical title was made, and it's pretty exciting. Along with a new guitar peripheral, the game now focuses on you, the player, playing in front of a massive crowd, but not just any crowd, a crowd of people who react to your playing and if you suck, they'll let you know.

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