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Gabe Newell Teases New Valve Game Based in Half-Life Universe

Last night, Valve Founder Game Newell took to reddit to take part in an AmA where he revealed that Valve is working on a brand new game in the Half-Life / Portal universe.

Half-Life Fan-Made Spin Off Coming to Steam

While the possibility of a new, official Half-Life game seems pretty much nonexistent, fans can get their fix through a fan-made spin off coming to Steam soon.

Well, There Goes Half-Life…

So, Marc Laidlaw, an author of both Horror and Science Fiction, and writer of the Half-Series has resigned from Valve.
black mesavideo

Half-Life Remake Black Mesa Lands on Steam Early Access

Earlier this week a mysterious countdown began on The Black Mesa Research Facility website to which many suspected that the acclaimed re-imaginging of Valve's Half-Life was finally set for release. Fortunately we were partly right, the game has now finally been released on Steam, but right now it's still in development and is enlisting the help of players to both test the game and fund the final stages of development.
Half Life 3

Valve Registers European Trademark for Half-Life 3, What Does It Mean?!

Half-Life 3 confirmed? Almost, maybe, we don't actually know. What we do know is that Valve has registered the Half-Life 3 trademark in Europe. Clutching at straws? Maybe. But it's a lot more definitive than the Half-Life 3 confirmation we had earlier in the year.

Half Life 3 Confirmed?

After 6 years of speculation, rumour, and running joke, Half Life 3 may actually be confirmed. The news comes from Quake command and Half Life 1 and 2 level designer John Guthrie who has confirmed to NoShitShurlock that Half Life Episode 3 is in development... Is this real life?
Steam trading cards

Steam announces virtual trading cards. Allows users to earn rewards.

Yesterday Valve released an update for the Steam community and announced a new game. Disappointingly enough, it wasn't a new Half Life - but it is something that might work for everyone. Say hello to Steam Trading Cards...

Left 4 Dead 2 and Half Life 2 hit Linux.

Great news for Linux gamers lately as not one nor two but five valve games have hit the Linux platform.

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