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n3rdabl3 Holiday Gift Guide: Nerdy Holiday-Themed Gifts

The best part of holiday gifts is that they can be the gifts that keep on giving: you know, the ones that can come out every holiday season.

Free LEGO ‘Harry Potter’ Diagon Alley Set Deal Goes Live

Harry Potter and LEGO fans, rejoice! LEGO is currently offering a deal that anyone who purchases over $99 worth of sets from their website, the buyer will receive a free Harry Potter Diagon Alley set as well!

Four Totally Ridiculous Patronus Animals to Bring out your Inner Nerd

We've all been there, we're strolling down an alleyway and a rogue Dementor pops up and starts to give you grief. What do you...

Four Nerdy Tag Teams That’d Kick Butt in the Wrestling Ring

The geeks shall inherit the Earth and that also includes the Wrestling Ring (as if they haven't already). So which nerdy characters should make...

More LEGO Dimensions Expansions Announced

Three new expansion packs for LEGO Dimensions launch in the UK on Friday 12 May.

Three Genres that could Refresh the Harry Potter Series

Grab your wand and explore my magic ideas for what Warner Bros can do next with the Harry Potter universe in the wake of the news that even more movies are in the works.

3 Ways the Harry Potter IP Could used in a Fighting...

Wave your wand high Harry Potter, it's time to give Street Fighter a run for its money! That's right I reckon that a certain young wizard and his mates could make a decent fighting game.

Four Fictional Sports that Should Become a Reality

Parkour has now be recognised as a sport in the UK, and I personally can't wait for this first generation of teen sidekicks using Parkour to solve crimes and catch crooks. Though what other geeky sports should become actual sports?

Here’s a Crazy Idea: Why Doesn’t Harry Potter Meet a Young...

You realise we're going to get more Harry Potter stuff no matter what right? Well, how about things get a little weird if Harry met another established British icon of fiction, like James Bond?

LEGO Dimensions Expansion Officially Announced

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has now officially announced wave two of their toys-to-live game, LEGO Dimensions, following a torrent of leaks pretty much revealing everything.

New LEGO Dimensions Playsets Leak Ahead of Official Reveal

Following on from yesterday's leak which suggested new toys would be coming to LEGO Dimensions based on properties like Adventure Time and Harry Potter, a new leak on reddit has revealed exactly what these play sets will look like.

Adventure Time, Sonic, and More May be Heading to LEGO Dimensions

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's own foray into the toys-to-life genre is about to kick it up a notch with the rumoured additions of around nine new brands coming to LEGO Dimensions. The announcement is reportedly set for E3.

Professor Snape was an All-right Geezer

Let's face it, we've all had a teacher like Snape: mean and nasty, but all very well intentioned. Yes, that's right. That grumpy potions teacher, in my opinion, was an all-right geezer, he just enjoyed being grumpy. We all enjoy doing that, yes all of us.

Harry Potter & Die Hard Actor, Alan Rickman, Dies Age 69

2016 hasn't exactly been the best year so far with many of us still getting over the death of Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, then the recent news of music legend David Bowie dying, and now this, the actor who played Hans Gruber and Severus Snape, Alan Rickman, has died.

Nintendo and Harry Potter? It Could have Happened

Way back in the late nineties it seems Nintendo had an opportunity to secure exclusive multimedia rights to Harry Potter video games, but thanks to some internal disagreement's and Nintendo's push to make it look a little more Japanese, plans were scrapped.

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