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Fortnite Nerf Guns Coming Soon

Epic Games have taken another step into bringing the ever popular Fortnite to the real world by partnering up with Hasbro to release a whole new...

4 Facts About Power Rangers Beast Morphers

It's a new year and a new era for the Power Rangers franchise as Hasbro unveils its first team of Rangers ready to battle the...

Hasbro Launches Questionable Monopoly for Millennials

Monopoly is finally accessible to Millennials! It always was, but now it's tailored for us. Oh lordy. It comes to us all eventually. That moment...

Power Rangers Beast Morphers Gets First-Look Trailer

Hasbro has released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming Nickelodeon series, Power Rangers Beast Morphers.

NERF Laser Ops Pro Alpha Point Blaster Review

It's not every day you get handed a pair of NERF Laser Ops Pro Alpha Point blasters with the instructions "Go nuts." but when...

Overwatch Gets Another Nerf Blaster

Blizzard and Hasbro have teamed up to bring a range of Overwatch guns into real life as Nerf Blasters, and the latest addition is probably the most fitting.

Preview: NERF Laser Ops Pro

It's not every day your editor messages you to say "Hey, who wants to go to a NERF event?" and if anyone answers that question with anything other than "Oh fuck yes." then they don't deserve their place upon this mortal plane. Naturally, I said yes and boy howdy what a blast did I have!

Hasbro to Purchase Power Rangers IP from Saban

It's been announced that Hasbro Inc. has acquired a handful of popular properties from Saban Entertainment, including the incredibly popular Power Rangers, for around $522 million.

Monopoly Gamer Edition starring Super Mario is a Thing that’s Happening

Hasbro and Nintendo have announced a brand new partnership to bring Gamer Edition Monopoly to tables this August.

Hasbro gets into the Subscription Box Craze with the Hasbro Gaming...

Hasbro has announced that it's entering the insanely popular subscription box market with the Hasbro Gaming Crate, a three-monthly box that'll deliver new games to your door.

Hasbro Ditches More Tokens for Next-gen Monopoly Game

Earlier this year Hasbro held a vote for players to choose a handful of new tokens for an upcoming version of Monopoly. That vote concluded and it was revealed that the Thimble was the most disliked token of the classics. However, now it seems Hasbro are booting more tokens out.

Hasbro and Harmonix Announce Music Mixing Card Game DropMix

The developers of Rock Band and Transformers have created The DropMix Music Gaming System, a sort of Magic the Gathering meets, well, Rock Band.

Here’s Why we Need a Transformers Fighting Game

Optimus Prime usually says "'till all are one! but after a scrap in a heat of rage he'd probably say, "'till all are not none!" Well, that's something he should say, especially if he was in a Transformers fighting game.

Kabam & Hasbro Announce Transformers: Forged to Fight

What do you get when you smash together almost every era of Transformers together into one video game? Well, we're not quite sure but Kabam and Hasbro are hoping it looks something like their new game, Transformers: Forged to Fight.
furby connect

Furby is Back, but This Time with a 21st Century Twist

Oh Jesus, the Furby really doesn't die, does it? It's back once again after it's 2012 revival, this time with another update which brings the gobby little ball of fur to your smartphone or tablet.

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