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No Man's Sky Beyond Title

No Man’s Sky Online Arrives with Beyond Update

No Man's Sky Online has been officially announced and will be coming as part of the big BEYOND update later this year. No Man's Sky...

Hello Games Announce New Game, The Last Campfire

Hello Games, the developer behind No Man's Sky has announced a brand new title, The Last Campfire. This announcement was one of the few announcements...

No Man’s Sky Reveals Visions Update Trailer

To date, developer Hello Games have released five significant revisions for No Man’s Sky in the form of ‘The Abyss’, ‘Next’,  ‘Foundation’,  ‘Atlas Rises’, and ‘Path Finder’ updates. The add-ons have helped to diversify the minute-to-minute gameplay within the universe of No Man’s Sky and thanks to a recently released trailer; we now have a greater idea of what the latest update, ‘Visions’, will provide for all budding intergalactic explorers.

No Man’s Sky’s Abyss Update Brings a New Lease of Life...

If you’re like me, having more games than you can shake a stick at doesn’t really cut it, you can have everything but still find nothing to play. I have come across this issue more times than I can count and it often ends with me buying a cheap indie game to simply fill time before I ultimately go back to Rocket League.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Update Brings True Multiplayer NEXT Week

Almost two years after release, No Man's Sky is finally getting multiplayer we were promised, but not promised, before release. You've got to hand it...

No Man’s Sky Announced for Xbox One

Hello Games and 505 Games have today announced that No Man's Sky will be coming to Xbox One later this year in the form of No Man's Sky Next.

No Man’s Sky ARG Ends, Reveals Atlas Rising Update

Hello Games have finally concluded the incredibly long running Alternate Reality Game (ARG) for No Man's Sky which has revealed that a pretty substantial...
No Man’s Sky Soundtrack Tour

Weird No Man’s Sky Livestream Continues the ARG

The No Man's Sky Alternate Reality Game (ARG) continues, this time with a bizarre livestream which shows a number of monitors, a networking setup, and... a hamster?

Hello Games’ Cryptic Tapes Hint at Possible New Content for No...

Over the past couple of days, Hello Games has been unleashing a series of cassette tapes to players each of which hold a cryptic message. Now that message has been decrypted there a possibility of new content coming to No Man's Sky.

Hello Games to Help Fund Games Under Hello Labs Label

Having previously developed the Joe Danger series, as well as the now infamous No Man's Sky, Hello Games is now turning its hand to publishing. Founder of Hello Games Sean Murray spoke about the company's new plans, at a talk he was giving at GDC last week.

No Man’s Sky Pathfinder Update is Surprisingly Good

You've got to hand it to Hello Games. Despite all of the constant negative feedback they receive for No Man's Sky, they're soldiering on releasing pretty substantial updates to hopefully restore faith in their abilities. Earlier this week they announced the Pathfinder update, and have now unveiled exactly what's in store, and it's quite impressive.
no man’s sky

No Man’s Sky Pathfinder Update Brings a Land Vehicle to the...

Although No Man's Sky wasn't necessarily a bad game, it's marketing and empty promises made it look that way. While exploring distant planets and discovering new species was often enthralling, one thing did however become fairly tedious and that was walking for days looking for that rare element.
No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky “Foundation Update” Detailed

Recently, developer Hello Games published a post about an upcoming update to No Man's Sky dubbed the Foundation Update. Well today, the patch has...
no man’s sky 1

No Man’s Sky to get Foundation Update; A New Beginning?

No Man's Sky might have been one of the most hyped games to fall flat this year, but developer Hello Games has announced a...
no man’s sky 1

No Man’s Sky May Eventually End Up Being the Game We...

Remember when we all thought No Man's Sky was going to be this incredibly immersive space exploration game where players, no matter how impossible, had a one-in-a-million chance to actually meet? Haha yeah, me too. Well, according to Sony, there's a chance that No Man's Sky could become the game we thought it was going to be in the first place.

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