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Hitman Retail Release Dated, Slips to 2017

Although Hitman launches digitally tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, those who are adverse to adding their credit card details online or just don't want to accept that digital titles are the future, you may have a wait on your hands in order to get a physical copy of Hitman.

Watch: Hitman Season Premiere Trailer Showcases Agent 47’s Many Disguises

The Season Premiere for Hitman is set to begin on March 11, 2016 that'll offer the first part of a long-running series of releases for Io Interactive's latest Hitman game, and to celebrate, Square Enix has launched the Season Premiere trailer.

Hitman Open Beta is Coming to PlayStation 4 Next Week

More balding assassination action is coming to PlayStation 4 next week as Square Enix has announced the launch of an open beta for all PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS4.

I Played the HITMAN Closed Beta, and I’m Unsure…

This weekend saw the scheduled Hitman closed beta on PC and PlayStation 4 and I personally couldn't wait to check it out. Although I'm late to the Hitman party, I've been recently sucked into the game's universe thanks to spin-off games like Hitman GO and Hitman Sniper. So with Hitman acting like a fresh start for the series after some questionable releases, what impression do we get from the closed beta? Honestly, I'm not sure.

The HITMAN Beta Gets its own Launch Trailer

Are you prepared to step into the shiny shoes of Agent 47? Well be prepared as the beta for the game is coming sooner than you think. To celebrate the beta's imminent launch, Square Enix and Io Interactive have released a new trailer giving players a taste of what's to come.

Pre-Orders for Hitman are Live… Again… So Here’s a new Trailer

After Io-Interactive announced the change that would make their upcoming assassination sim, Hitman, an episodic affair, they had to temporarily close pre-orders for the game. Now however, after they've sorted out logistics, pre-orders are open once again, and there's a new trailer to boot.

Hitman Has a $140 Collector’s Edition

Though on March 11 you won't be getting the full Hitman game now Io Interactive has confirmed that it is indeed an episodic game. You can splash $140 on a Collector's Edition, to fully prepare you for the "experience" of having half a game until the full thing is released near the end of the year.

Hitman is Once Again an Episodic Game…

When Hitman was initially announced by Square Enix and Io Interactive, there was some confusion about the game's release, was it to be episodic, or a full game release? Turns out it was to be a full release with free content being added later on, but now it seems to be an episodic game, once again.

Hitman Beta Begins this February on PS4 and PC

Square Enix has announced the launch date for their upcoming beta for Hitman which is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and PC early next year.

(Update: Aaaand It’s Gone!) Quick! Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is FREE!

... For a limited time. I can verify that as of 2:22 AM USA Central time on 11/29/15, it is still a part of...

New Hitman Trailer Whisks us off to Italy

Earlier this week Io Interactive unveiled a brand new trailer for Hitman's 'Sapienza' map, the second location of three that'll be coming to the game at launch, and as you'd expect, it's a stunner.

Hitman Launches on March 11 with all Three Environments

After a fairly confusing release announcement and a recently announced delay, Io Interactive has finally unveiled a solid release plan for the upcoming Hitman game which will now launch on March 11 in two flavours.

Ughhhh! Hitman has been Delayed until March

For those of you who have been waiting to get back into the dapper suit of Agent 47 this December, you're now going to have to wait. Until March. The developers announced today that they're having to delay the game because they've opted for a new release model - something that has already confused many players.

Here’s 15 Minutes of Showstopping Hitman Gameplay

Hitman is an odd one. It's not quite an episodic title, but it's not quite a full game either. The story is set to "begin" in December, with content to be added later on, but it's not incomplete. I still don't understand it, but from what I've seen so far, it looks very promising.

Io Interactive Comments on Hitman Leak

Leaks, they've been happening a lot recently. Hell, E3 was hardly the surprise publishers all hoped for thanks to half of the reveals being seeped out beforehand.

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