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Those HTC One M9 Images are Apparently Really Clever Plants from...

Over the past week we've seen a flood of images of what's supposedly the upcoming HTC One M9 showing off the new device at all angles in surprisingly clear images, however they might not actually be HTC's next flagship at all as @evleaks, Evan Blass, has confirmed that they're nothing more than clever dummy handets planted by HTC themselves.
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More Images Surface of the HTC One M9 Including Images Taken...

These past few days we've seen an absolute flood of leaks which claim to be the upcoming HTC One M9, the latest flagship from HTC, and they show no signs of stopping any time soon as these latest leaks show the clearest images yet as well as images taken on the phone's rumoured 20 megapixel camera.

HTC May be Unveilling the HTC One M9 and their Smart...

Though HTC have already sent out invites to their March 1, Mobile World Congress event revealing that an improved camera could be on the cards for their next flagship. Bloomberg has grabbed some more details on the device, which is currently codenamed the M9.
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The iPhone 6 Also Receives the Bend Test Treatment Along Side...

Unbox Therapy is at it again, this time giving the bend test to the iPhone 6, the standard handset that was announced alongside the iPhone 6 Plus. Following reports of peoples iPhone 6 Plus devices bending in their pockets, Unbox Therapy decided to put it to the test and the results were less than pleasant. In an attempt to see whether the other iPhone, the iPhone 6 suffered the same fate, they decided to give that device the bend test too along with four other devices from HTC, Motorola, and Nokia, as well as the iPhone 5S.

Surprise! HTC Officially Announce The All New HTC One (M8)!

In today's HTC launch event CEO Peter Chou took to the stage to announce the one thing we've all been waiting for, The All New HTC One. He began talking about a few facts surrounding the HTC One, reminding us about all of its rewards and reviews. Then he said "Today, we have a new phone to show you."

HTC Release another All New HTC One Teaser Video, This Time...

The 'Experts' are back in an a brand new HTC Technical Translations video, this time focusing on the famed HTC One's Ultrapixel, the camera that doesn't seem so sharp on paper, but in reality performs better that many other smartphone cameras. Once again the All New HTC One is teased, which is once again blurred out - dammit!

Brand New HTC One Teaser Reveals the All New HTC One...

HTC has released another Technical Translation video which, once again, teases the All New HTC One, which is once again blurred out with any real information also being overdubbed. This latest video explains the Metal Unibody found on the current HTC One model.
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HTC Tease the All New HTC One in an All New...

Earlier this week HTC released a brand new video which showcased HTC's BoomSound technology which is currently found on the HTC One. Around half way through the video the more nerdier of the two video stars all but reveals the All New HTC One, well, it's blurred out.
All New HTC One

HTC’s Next Flagship to be Called the ‘All New HTC One’,...

Currently known as the HTC M8, yesterday @evleaks revealed that HTC's next flagship device could be called the All New HTC One... probably the worst name for a flagship device.. ever. Just imagine someone asking what phone you have.. "Oh, I have the.." *cue movie voice* "..ALL NEW HTC ONE!" Hmm..
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HTC Looking to Release More Low-end Low-cost Handsets in 2014

Accrding to a report by Reuters, HTC’s Chairwoman, Cher Wang, has revealed that the company isn't abandoning their low-end market and plan on selling more low-cost $150-$300 handsets in the near future.
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The Latest HTC M8 Leak Shows Us Its Face.

Earlier this week an image surfaced of what was reportedly HTC's next flagship handset, currently coined the HTC M8 it didn't show too much other than the oft rumoured dual camera. Now, however a new image has surfaced which shows us the front of the device that looks strikingly similar to the HTC One, but with on-screen buttons - I think..
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HTC Talk Wearable Devices and 2014 Optimism

On paper HTC should have had a great 2013, in the HTC One they released a phone that was critically acclaimed and hailed as one of the best Android phones on the market, in Robert Downey Jr. they signed a cult hero as the face of their advertising campaign and they had a decent range of budget and mid-range phones to be competitive across the board...

New Real Life Pictures of the HTC M8 Appear, Shows Dual...

The HTC One successor currently known as the HTC M8 has surfaced in brand-new pictures which show of the rather bewildering dual camera configuration which has been rumoured for quite some time. Sadly though, it looks pretty much identical to the HTC One..

The HTC M8 Could be Announced Next Month, Will Have On-Screen...

We've not been short of rumours and leaks surrounding the HTC M8 or the HTC One Two, or HTC One+, or whatever you want to call it. The latest batch of leaks and rumours show that for the first time ever the HTC M8 could come with Google Nexus-like on-screen buttons instead of the usual capacitive, and the latest rumour suggests that a late March announcement in New York is on the cards.

Two New HTC Handsets Receive Certification, HTC M8 Incoming?

According to GSMinsider two unannounced HTC handsets have just received certification by the POSTEL Indonesia which is the Indonesian equivalent of the US FCC. One handset has a pretty familiar name, another is a new one to us.

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