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Huawei is Launching a New Gaming Phone to Rival the Switch

A few days ago, Huawei officially launched a new family of mobile phones in the Mate 20 line. There are four phones in the family, but it's the Mate 20 X that's getting a lot of buzz, thanks to its gaming capabilities.

Huawei Watch 2 Ditches Style for Sport

Of all of the many Android Wear smartwatches that have launched over the past couple of years the Huawei Watch was always one that stood out to me as the most stylish. However, at MWC this weekend the Chinese company seems to have ditched style for something a little more sporty.

Huawei P9 to be Released on April 9th?

The Huawei P9 will be released on April 9th, according to Evan Blass. The reliable tipster, also known as @evleaks posted a tweet revealing the news this weekend.

Huawei Announces the 2-in-1 Windows 10-powered MateBook

Forget MacBooks for a second, Huawei have announced something which sounds unbelievably British, the MateBook. But unlike the crappy British term of endearment, the MateBook is actually a pretty stylish and incredibly thin 2-in-1 tablet notebook.

Huawei Honor Series Coming to the US?

Huawei's Honor brand could be coming to the US as soon as this January. Also the company has just announced its latest Honor 7, could we see this device released in the US very soon?

The Nexus 6P May Have a Little Glass Problem

When you purchase a smartphone that has glass both on the front and the back of the device, you're opening yourself up to the possibility that if you drop the device, you're almost guaranteed some of the glass smashing. However, what you don't expect is the glass to randomly shatter when not in use, right?

Huawei P9 to Have Two Rear Cameras?

Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer has tweeted a picture of the supposed Huawei P9's camera stripe. It suggests that the device is set to feature dual rear-facing cameras.

This is the Huawei Nexus Smartphone

With rumours suggesting Google is working with both LG and Huawei on the next Nexus devices, the only real truth to that rumour is the apparent LG handset being leaked last week. This week however all eyes are on the second part of that rumour as the apparent Huawei handset has been spotted in the wild.
white nexus 5 long

LG to Manufacture the Next Nexus Smartphone

With both LG and Huawei in the running to develop and manufacture the next Nexus smartphone from Google, a recent report is suggesting LG has won the bidding and will be taking over from Motorola for 2015's Nexus smartphone.

Rumour: Is Huawei developing its own operating system?

It's rumoured that Kirin is the name of Huawei's new operating system The latest tech rumour is centred on Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, which has...
Nexus 5 Long

LG is “Considering” Making This Year’s Nexus Smartphone

The Google Nexus 5 was a highly acclaimed phone by both users and critics, and while the Nexus 6 offers something a little different, many are looking for a true successor to the Nexus 5 and it looks like one could be on the way. Google is apparently in talks with both Huawei and LG for the manufacturers of the next Nexus, but now LG has revealed that they could in fact make the next device.
huawei p8 feat

Huawei Unveil the Ascend P8 and Massive P8max

This week Huwei has unveiled a brand new flagship, the Huawei Ascend P8 a "frameless" 5.2-inch device that packs a punch. Along side this new flagship unveiling comes another brand new device, a super sized version of the very same device, blurring the line between phone and tablet.
huawei watch 2

Huawei Watch UK Release Planned for Mid 2015

At CES this year, Huawei stopped the show with one of the most impressive looking smartwatches I've seen since the Moto 360. The device, which is set to blend fashion with functionality will be a little pricier than other smartwatches, and will offer much better specifications with a large 400 x 400 display. Unfortunately we have no idea when it'll launch.
huawei watch 2

Huawei Watch Gets Priced in the UK, Isn’t as Expensive as...

Earlier this week an Amazon listing surfaced almost confirming the rumour that the Huawei Watch would cost around 999 Euro. Thankfully that rumour has been debunked as Mobile Fun have opened up their pre-order page for the Huawei Watch listing the device at a much more affordable price.
huawei watch 2

Huawei Watch Priced at EUR 999? You’re Having a Laugh, Right?

You've got to admit, the Huawei Watch is probably the nicest looking Android Wear-powered watch we've seen for a long time. The Moto 360 first won my heart, but now I've got my eyes set on the Huawei Watch.. Or at least, I did until I saw its rumoured £720 price tag..

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