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RAGE 2 Screenshot

Interview: Tim Willits Talks RAGE 2, Multiplayer, and More

We were lucky enough to be invited along to a RAGE 2 preview event recently, where we were also given a chance to sit...
RAGE 2 Screenshot

RAGE 2 Preview

RAGE 2 is one of those shock titles no-one was expecting to hear, especially after RAGE saw such a small and mixed reception. It...
Hell Followed DOOM DLC

Bethesda Unleash “Hell Followed” DOOM Multiplayer DLC Pack

If you're looking for a fast-paced, hellish good time this Halloween, Bethesda and id Software's DOOM (2016) is a good place to start, with its legions of demons and grisly Glory Kills.

Quake Champions Could be Free-to-Play?

There's a possibility that id Software's upcoming shooter, Quake Champions, could be a free-to-play game as the developer is still working out a revenue structure for the title.

Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer for Quake Champions

QuakeCon is now in full swing and to kick off the event id Software and Bethesda has revealed the first gameplay footage of Quake Champions.
Doom Unto The Evil Announcement

New DOOM Video Outlines Upcoming Update’s Features

After an exceedingly turbulent development and a divisive multiplayer beta, DOOM ended up being a very nice surprise - a fast-paced, chaotic FPS that managed to improve on what was shown at the game's very first E3 demo shown last year.

[E3 2016] Quake Champions Announced

Announced with a huge applause, it looks like Bethesda is returning with another retro shooter, following the success of Doom. Quake Champions is another delve...

New Job Listing Hints at Possible Quake Reboot

Here's something that might make or break your afternoon, a new job listing over on the Zenimax Media website, hints at a possible Quake reboot.

DOOM (Campaign) Review – Hell Of A Good Time

Shut up, sit down and fire up your chainsaw because DOOM is back and holy crap is it ready to deal out the hurt...

Here’s the Launch Trailer for DOOM

With just a few days left until launch, Bethesda has released the launch trailer for the game which offers a glimpse at both the single player gameplay as well as some multiplayer too.

Bethesda Unleash New DOOM Mancubus and Revenant Screens

A slightly nervous tension descends as the release of id Software, Certain Affinity and Bethesda's DOOM remake creeps ever closer, the echoing sounds of...
DOOM 4 Baron of Hell

DOOM Open Beta gets Absolutely Slaughtered on Steam

This weekend saw the launch of the DOOM open beta which allowed anyone on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One experience and help test the multiplayer mode for the upcoming shooter, and let's just say, it's not looking good.

DOOM Open Beta Kicks Off Today

It's here, it's loud and it's going to be demonic - the multiplayer open beta for id Software and Bethesda's DOOM reboot has started today, available to everyone on Steam until 11:59pm EST on April 17th. The beta will give players access to two maps over two modes, those being Team Deathmatch and "Warpath", alongside "never-before-seen weapons, armor sets, taunts..." and more.

Here’s What’s Coming in the DOOM Open Beta

This weekend marks the launch of the DOOM multiplayer beta, and while some of us haven't played DOOM since back in the MSDOS days, others may be more familiar with recent titles. But to ensure everyone is up to speed, Bethesda has detailed everything you need to know about the game.
DOOM 4 Baron of Hell

DOOM Open Beta and Post-launch Content Detailed

Bethesda has today revealed that DOOM will be getting an open beta later this month where players will simply be able to download the...

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