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Social Media is the Best Anti-social Platform According to Research

I have always been a huge advocate for social interaction. Social Media is great, its a wonderful thing to be able to connect to...

Don’t Worry, Instagram Won’t Notify Users if you’ve Grabbed a Screenshot...

Over the past few days word has spread that Instagram will begin alerting users when a screenshot is taken by another user. While this isn't exactly untrue, it's not exactly 100% correct, either.

Live Streaming is Coming to Instagram, Confirms CEO

With Facebook Live and Periscope being big hitters when it comes to personal live streams, it comes as no surprise that Facebook-owned Instagram is also be considering bringing live streaming to the image sharing app.

Instagram Stories are Here, and They Look Oddly Familiar…

When you think of Instagram, you probably think of a service where the images you share remain forever. They're galleries of images and videos about your life as it goes on. So you may think its strange that Instagram has taken a leaf out of Snapchat's book with Stories - yes, Stories, exactly the same name as the feature available on Snapchat.

Instagram Officially Announces Business Tools

Following a number of leaked screenshots showing off supposed business tools coming to Instagram, the photo sharing site has this week officially unveiled a new suite of tools designed specifically for business profiles and users.

Instagram to Bring Analytic Tools for Brands and Businesses

Instagram is a pretty popular social network, so much so that various brands have Instagram profiles, but right now, other than keeping an eye on likes and comments, there's no real way for businesses and brands to see how well their content is performing. Fortunately Instagram is about to solve that problem.

Instagram Now Lets you Share Minute-long Videos

In the hopes to have you all forget about the upcoming timeline change on Instagram, the company has announced that you'll soon be able to record and share videos that are up to 60 seconds long.

Instagram Feed Changes Aren’t Coming Just yet, so Stop Begging

Today is the day that many have reported Instagram will bring their controversial feed changes that'll change from chronological to something more tailored to each user. It's both a blessing and a curse, and according to Instagram, it's not happening just yet.
Instagram account switching

Almost 150,000 People Don’t want Instagram’s Feed to Change

Earlier this week Instagram announced that they'll be making some drastic changes to the feed within its mobile apps. Rather than images being displayed in chronological order, they'll adopt an algorithm not unlike Facebook, which would show users more "relevant" content. However, people aren't happy.
Instagram account switching

Instagram is About to Shake-up its Timeline, Just Like Facebook

Here's some not-so-great news: It looks like Instagram is following in the footsteps of Facebook and will start using a timeline algorithm to determine what content you see first, rather than just displaying content in chronological order, like we're all used to, and pretty happy with.

My Thoughts on Instagram

I've been on Instagram for over a year, what do I think of it? Remember I'm no professional card-carrying elite super fresh Social Media Guru or Digital Ninja when I drop this writing on you.
Instagram account switching

Instagram Officially Launches Multiple Account Support

In a blog post last night, Instagram confirmed that multiple account support was on the way allowing users with multiple accounts to sign in at once without having to log out and log back in! It'll be arriving on both iOS and Android versions of Instagram later this week, if not already.

Instagram is Once Again Testing Multi-account Support

It's been a long time coming, but it looks like Instagram is finally putting in place the chance for those with multiple Instagram accounts, to switch between the two on the fly without having to log out and log back in. After some Android users received the feature, had since been removed, now some iOS users have found multi-account support within the app.

Snoop Dogg Pipes up About Xbox Live Outage

“A message to Xbox One or Microsoft or whoever the fuck - y’all fucking server is fucking whack, man." - Snoop Dogg

Instagram are Finally Testing Support for Multiple Accounts

Has Christmas come early? Is Instagram really testing an ability to have more than one account active? It most certainly looks like it!

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