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Prison Architect Picked Up by Paradox Interactive

Introversion Software has announced that Paradox Interactive has picked up the rights for their prison building sim, Prison Architect. The news broke earlier this week...
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Prison Architect Multiplayer Update Arrives

Introversion Software have released another update for their prison management sim, Prison Architect, which introduces multiplayer. Have you ever wanted to build a prison with...
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Introversion Software’s Scanner Sombre Now Available

Introviersion Software, the developers behind Prison Architect, have released their next game, Scanner Sombre, on Steam today.

Introversion Software’s Uplink Has Just Received a Massive Update, Sort Of

Before Prison Architect Introversion Software released a little hacker sim called Uplink. It's, to this day, one of my favourite sim games as despite its ageing appearance you just can't beat that feeling of the government closing in on you as you download some encrypted files.
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Prison Architect Receives its Final PC Update

It's been a long and winding road for Introversion Software's Prison Architect. Following its release last year, the team have still been working hard to release periodic updates to the game, but now that update cycle has come to an end.
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Prison Architect Crosses 2 Million Sales

Prison Architect launched out of Early Access in October last year with its 1.0 PC release. Since then, the game has launched on consoles, and was a part of the latest Steam Summer Sale, and now Introversion Software has revealed that the game has sold over 2 million units on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Prison Architect is Getting Locked up on the Xbox One, PS4,...

Hey crooks, if you thought you were safe on your current-gen console or Xbox 360, then think again as Prison Architect is coming to lock you up this Spring.
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Prison Architect Review – Sing Sing its Praises or Shank it...

Prison... A place where people go when they commit crimes against humanity. In Prison Architect, it's up to you whether you follow the course...
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Interview: Introversion Software on Prison Architect, Early Access, and Escape Mode

If you haven't noticed, Introversion Software have been busy beavering away on their next game for the better part of five years and come October 6, their next game, Prison Architect will officially launch, so we caught up with Chris Delay and Mark Morris to find out how that process has been and what's in store for existing and future players of Prison Architect when it launches next week.
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Escape from Prison in new Prison Architect Mode

Prison Architect launches on October 6 and for those unfamiliar with the game from Introversion Software, the name pretty much gives it away. You're tasked with building and managing your own prison. But in a new update from the developers, that's not all you're going to be doing.
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Prison Architect Launches on October 6

After a pretty lengthy development, Introversion Software has today announced that their prison building and management sim, Prison Architect, will be launching on PC this October.

This is the Last Ever Prison Architect Alpha Update

Introversion Software has today released the last ever alpha update video before the game launches fully in October. Because all good things have to come to an end.
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Prison Architect Finally Has a Bloody Release Date

Introversion Software, the developers behind one of my personal favourite hacker simulators, Uplink, and the upcoming prison building game, Prison Architect, have finally set a date on when the latter game will actually launch, and it's about damn time!

Prison Architect Hits $8 Million in Revenue and 250,000+ players.

Introversion Software's Prison Architect is still very much in Alpha, but that hasn't stopped people emptying the virtual shelves and throwing their cash at the company for what appears to be the best prison simulation game, ever.
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Exclusive | Uplink now available for iPad!

A few weeks ago I wrote about the PC version of Uplink and I'm happy to reveal that Uplink is now available on the...

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