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Square Enix Still Want Hitman Series to Continue

Square Enix has revealed that despite the end in partnership between themselves and developer Io-Interactive, the Hitman series could indeed live on.

Io-Interactive are Cutting Staff for “Future Adventures”

Following the news that Square Enix is parting ways with Hitman developer Io-Interactive, the developer has today announced that it's had to make some difficult choices and cut staff.
Hitman Season Finale Hokkaido

Hitman Season Two Might Still Happen

Following the news that Square Enix has ended its business with Hitman developer Io Interactive and that the history of the new series might be in jeopardy, a new rumour suggests otherwise.

Square Enix is Done with Hitman, Parts Ways with Io Interactive

Square Enix has this morning announced that it's parting ways with Hitman developer Io Interactive and is looking for a buyer for the developer.

Unsure what the new Hitman Game is All About? Here’s a...

In just two short weeks, a year's worth of Hitman content will be coming together in one complete package in the form of "Hitman - The Complete First Season" that's set to land on disc.
holiday hoarders hitman

Santa Clause is Coming to Town in New Hitman Holiday Mission

Io-Interactive has today announced the launch of Hitman's festive content titled: Holiday Hoarders, which brings a handful of fresh content to the game including a mission where you can become Santa himself.

Hitman’s Next Episode Flies Players to Colorado

This week, Square Enix and Io Interactive have announced that the fifth episode into the Hitman series will be launching later this month and will have Agent 47 creeping around a Colorado farm compound - quite a departure from the sun-soaked buildings of Italy.

Hitman’s Retail Release Scheduled for January, 2017

We always knew Hitman would be coming to retail next year, we just didn't exactly know when, or what it would include - other than the obvious of course. But now, Io Interactive has confirmed the release date and the added extras that'll come in the retail release.

Io Interactive Have Plans for Three Seasons of Content for Hitman

If you were thinking that once the final few episodes of Hitman had been released, that was it, the game was complete. Then think again as Io Interactive may have plans for additional seasons following the current one.

Hitman Players are Heading to Bangkok on August 16

The fourth episode of Io Interactive's Hitman series is set to launch on August 16, publisher Square Enix has announced this week. The new episode will be jet setting players to Bangkok as they are tasked with taking down a rock star.

Gary Busey is the Next Elusive Target in Hitman… Wait, What?

Square Enix has today unveiled the next Elusive Target coming to Hitman, but this time rather than it being a new face, it'll be one you'll find quite familiar: Lethal Weapon star, Gary Busey.

New Hitman Companion App Notifies you on Elusive Targets

Square Enix and Io Interactive has released a brand new companion app for Hitman which hopes to keep you up to date with the latest Elusive Targets.

Hitman’s Summer Bonus Episode Launches June 19

If you've been thinking that the latest Hitman game just didn't have enough content then be prepared as two brand new unscheduled episodes are coming, and will be part of the game's Full Experience pack.

Hitman Episode 3 Marrakesh Launches Next Week

Io Interactive and Square Enix has today announced that the third episode of their episodic Hitman title will be launching on May 31.

HITMAN’s Next Elusive Target is Coming Next Week

Despite saying that the next Elusive target may come as more of a surprise than the debut mark, Square Enix has today announced when the next one will arrive, and it's much sooner than we thought.

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