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New Hitman Trailer Whisks us off to Italy

Earlier this week Io Interactive unveiled a brand new trailer for Hitman's 'Sapienza' map, the second location of three that'll be coming to the game at launch, and as you'd expect, it's a stunner.

Hitman Launches on March 11 with all Three Environments

After a fairly confusing release announcement and a recently announced delay, Io Interactive has finally unveiled a solid release plan for the upcoming Hitman game which will now launch on March 11 in two flavours.

Ughhhh! Hitman has been Delayed until March

For those of you who have been waiting to get back into the dapper suit of Agent 47 this December, you're now going to have to wait. Until March. The developers announced today that they're having to delay the game because they've opted for a new release model - something that has already confused many players.

Here’s 15 Minutes of Showstopping Hitman Gameplay

Hitman is an odd one. It's not quite an episodic title, but it's not quite a full game either. The story is set to "begin" in December, with content to be added later on, but it's not incomplete. I still don't understand it, but from what I've seen so far, it looks very promising.

Io Interactive Comments on Hitman Leak

Leaks, they've been happening a lot recently. Hell, E3 was hardly the surprise publishers all hoped for thanks to half of the reveals being seeped out beforehand.

Hitman isn’t an Episodic or Early Access title.

When Io Interactive announced the launch of Hitman, a lot of speculation, assumptions, and more have surrounded its launch. We thought it was an episodic release, many others believed the game was more of an "early access" like title. However in a Q&A, we're all wrong.

Hitman Closed Alpha Details Leak… “Closer to Blood Money than it...

The Closed Alpha for Io Interactive's upcoming episodic series, Hitman, is under way and already information and early impressions of the game have leaked out. But it's all good news.

Hitman Developer Io-Interactive Think DLC is “Wrong”

DLC has become commonplace with gaming nowadays with almost every game in recent times having some form of season pass or future content releases which likely cost a bob or two. Io-Interactive, the developers behind the popular Hitman series think DLC is "wrong" and that all content available for Hitman will be available when the game launches.

Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer for Hitman

Io-Interactive has revealed the first gameplay trailer for Hitman, the latest chapter in the long-running franchise.

E3 2015: Hitman Announced, Launches December 8, 2015

A brand new trailer for I/O Interactive's upcoming Hitman game was shown at Sony's event at E3 in Los Angeles today which showed everyone's favourite slap head hitman, Agent 47. Unfortunately the trailer had bugger all to show for itself.

Io Interactive Share First Artwork for Next Hitman Game, Won’t Appear...

Last week Io Interactive announced that they'd be revealing more on the next game in the Hitman series at the end of the month. Well it's now almost the end of the month and Io Interactive have shared with us the first artwork for the next game, as well as revealing that it won't be making an appearance at E3.

New Hitman Title Reveal Teased for the End of the Month.

Following the release of Hitman: Absolution in 2012, Io-Interactive and Square Enix have been busy focusing on other things. Sure we've had a new Hitman title for mobiles which was pretty good, but what about those that are fans of the PC/Console Hitman series? It looks like we'll be getting some more news on that subject soon.

Hitman Go Review, A Game of Back and Forth.

Hitman Go launched last month on iOS and is coming soon to Android and to put it simply, this is how mobile versions of...

New Hitman Game Breaks Cover in Open Letter from IO Interactive

If you were disappointed with the recent Hitman game, it looks like IO Interactive are absolving their sins by announcing their new title in the series with a short list of details to sate your assassination needs.
hitman feature image

Hitman Absolution Review.

Agent 47 is back in his sharp suit and blood red tie for another installment of the series after six years and t his...

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