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rome total war

Rome: Total War is Coming to the iPad

SEGA has announced this week that Rome: Total War, one of the earlier Total War titles, is coming to the iPad.
iphone 5S

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac Sales Continue to Fall as Apple...

Apple has this week unveiled its Q3 2016 financials, and once again it's looking like the company's device sales are still dipping.

Apple to Allow Subscriptions in Apps this Summer

Apple's VP Phil Schiller has revealed that the company will begin to allow video game developers to offer titles as a subscription service later this year.
Nativeunion TAG – Lifestyle high-res 1

Never Run Low on the Go Again with the Native Union...

Native Union have once again solved a problem we never even thought we had with the unveiling of a brand new product which hopes to make carrying around a charging cable a fashion statement rather than an unnecessary necessity.
iPhone 6s feature

Apple Sees First Ever Year-on-Year Sales Dip

It's looking like Apple is struggling to find new ways to sell us the same product as the company has announced its first dip in sales of the iPhone.

Are Apple targeting professional use for the iPad Pro?

Apple have unveiled their new iPad Pro with a larger, higher quality screen along with a faster processor and of course the optional accessories...
HP Chromebook 14

Chromebooks are Now More Popular than iPads in US Schools

iPads are great for many things, whether it's browsing the web, reading a book, playing games, or drawing, there's just a few things the iPad isn't good for and that's word processing, sure the on-screen keyboard is big enough one some iPads, but nothing beats the feedback given from a good key press, though that's one of the many reasons to prefer a laptop over an iPad, the Chromebook has even more than a physical keyboard for US schools to favour, they have a lower price-point too.
ipad air 2

Could This be the Closest Look at the iPad Pro We’ve...

(Featured image: iPad Air) Though Apple has only just unveiled the second generation iPad Air, rumours are already circulating that the Cupertino company is working...
first gen ipad

Apple has Sold 225 Million iPads Since the Tablet Launched

During Apple's iPad event yesterday evening Tim Cook revealed just how many iPad’s they had sold since they launched the first tablet in April 2010. Since launch, Apple have released a handful of different iPad models as well as launching a more budget friendly range of iPad Mini’s which offer the same great Apple experience in a much smaller package.

Apple to announce new iPads on October 16?

In August, John Paczkowski from Re/Code said that the Apple Watch would not be released until next year and that turned out to be true. He's at it again by saying Apple will hold its October event on the 16th.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Launches for iPad and iPad Mini!

Are you sick of having to lug a folder full of your favourite Pokémon cards around with you everywhere you go just in case someone wants to have an impromptu Pokémon battle with you? Well hopefully this news answers your prayers as The Poémon Company have finally released the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online for iPad and iPad Mini.

iOS 8 to be Released on September 17

iOS 8 will be available to download on current Apple iPhones and iPads on September 17 as well as coming pre-installed on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when they launch on September 19.

You Can Soon Play The Pokémon Trading Card Game Like you...

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is coming to iOS later this year, The Pokémon Company has confirmed, giving players old and new the chance to relive their youth digitally on their iPads! What more could you ask for? Other than a full-set of first edition base Pokémon, oh to smell that glorious smell of a newly opened booster pack again.. What I wouldn't give..
first gen ipad

Look Out, You Could be Allergic to iPads!

An eleven-year-old American has been diagnosed with a Nickel allergy as a result of playing with a first generation iPad. This news comes from a report published in the American Journal of Paediatrics which suggests that Nickel, usually found within computers, tablets, and smartphones has caused this allergic reaction.
iOS controller

New iOS Controller Unveiled by SteelSeries

Ahead of the E3, SteelSeries, have unveiled a new controller for iOS, the Stratus XL. SteelSeries are a leading manufacturer gaming equipment from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers and software and already have a large range of gaming equipment available.

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