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Apple Launches 8GB iPhone 5C, Says Goodbye to the iPad 2.

Today Apple has launched a brand new variant of their colourful but cheap iPhone 5C. When Apple launched the iPhone 5C in September last year it was available with either 16GB or 32GB storage, though it had a lower price-point than the iPhone 5S, people just didn't take to it all that well. Apple has also lowered the price point of the 8GB version to £429, compared to £469 and £549 for the larger models.
iOS 7 Logo

iOS 7 – My Initial Impression

iOS 7 is here. Some have waited anxiously and not been able to contain themselves, others have just accepted its impending arrival and kicked back and waited. I'm part of the latter group of people. Don't get me wrong though, I've been looking forward to it, I think I've just been a little busy exploring Los Santos the past couple of days to get excited. Either way it's here now and it's time to move into the next generation of Apple's iOS, so lets get started...

Apple to reveal new iPhone this year

Well Apple fanatics, it's that time again. Time to start stacking that savings account, or opening that new credit card you don't need...

Leaked packaging shows “iPhone 5C”, is the cheaper iPhone a reality?

Over the past few months we've had endless rumours pointing to Apple releasing a version of the iPhone that's "cheaper" a "mini" version if you will. We've seen supposed specs of the cheap device that's meant to have a more plastic body which comes in a variety colours much like the iPod Touch, and we've seen a handful of leaked images of the rumoured coloured plastic casing.

The latest leak this time points to the rumoured cheaper iPhones packaging. Something which resembles the packaging we've come to expect the iPod Touch to come in, but not the iPhone.
Apple TV (02)

Apple TV – Now part of the family.

I like a nice look around the local Apple Store just as much as the next person. Normally I will go in to see...
whistle case iphone

The iPhone 5 case that could save your life

You're mobile phone, in many ways, is an emergency device...
Energizer XP4001

Energizer XP4001 – Energi To Go!

I've been in the market of getting a mobile battery pack ever since I got my iPhone 5 on release. Now, there's many different...
iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 Is Not Just A Phone Anymore.

The iPhone 5 is this years must have phone and with it come a whole host of apps to download, from games to guides...
Screen Shot 2012-10-21 at 14.45.40

Photography with your iPhone 5

As a photographer I was most looking forward to the huge updates to the iPhone's cameras.  Safe to say I haven't been disappointed.  8MP...
Apple Press Invite

The iPhone 5 Rumoured to Launch at an Invite Only Press...

It's going to be bigger, thinner and better than ever before, apparently.. But it will be revealed soon many sources have confirmed. Apple will...

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