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iPhone 5C all long

‘iPhone 5SE’ Coming in March?

There were rumours earlier this week that Apple could be releasing a 4-inch iPhone 6c later this year. However, 9to5Mac claims that an iPhone 5SE is in the works instead and is set to launch in March.

Champagne iPhone 5S Not Enough? How About a 24-Karat Solid Gold...

For those of you who live the life of luxury and feel that the champagne iPhone 5S just isn't fancy enough, when why not feast your dollar sign eyes on this solid gold 24-Karat iPhone worth $3,300.
iOS 7 Logo

iOS 7 – My Initial Impression

iOS 7 is here. Some have waited anxiously and not been able to contain themselves, others have just accepted its impending arrival and kicked back and waited. I'm part of the latter group of people. Don't get me wrong though, I've been looking forward to it, I think I've just been a little busy exploring Los Santos the past couple of days to get excited. Either way it's here now and it's time to move into the next generation of Apple's iOS, so lets get started...

The iPhone 5S: It’s Gold, has a Fingerprint Scanner, Improved Camera,...

Today Apple finally unveiled their next generation iPhone, unsurprisingly called the iPhone 5S. It lines up perfectly with the rumours we'd heard just months before and will come in three different colours. The rumours which began circulating last week regarding a fingerprint scanner were also confirmed and it'll help add security to Apple's flagship device.

iPhone 5S Manual Leak Reveals Touch ID Sensor.

With the Apple's press event mere hours away, leaked information is still coming through thick and fast. The latest leak is the iPhone 5S's manual which points out the usual features found on the iPhone 5 appart from the "Touch ID Sensor" which could almost confirm the rumour of the 5S getting some sort of finger print scanner.

iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor a Thing?

Images have appeared on a Chinese tech site supposedly showing what the packaging for the 5S will look like. What's getting every-ones iPanties in a twist? The silver ring around the home button.

Apple Confirms September 10 Event, iPhone 5C and 5S Reveal Rumoured.

Apple sent out a rather colourful invite to press earlier this week that'll "brighten everyone's day". The colourful invite could more or less confirm the rumours of a cheaper, brighter coloured iPhone which is rumoured to be named the iPhone 5C.

New Photo’s Leak of an Alleged ‘Graphite’ iPhone 5S.

Apple Insider Sonny Dickson has revealed images of what he claims to be a new colour of iPhone 5S to accompany the oft rumoured Gold, Slate (Black), and White (with silver trim) colour variants. Salt shakers at the ready guys.

New “Champage” iPhone Hints at Dual LED Flash

Over the past week or so we've seen more and more of the "gold" or "champage" iPhone, is it the iPhone 5S? We're not sure, no one is really sure, obviously Apple aren't going to confirm or deny the rumours so we're all sat here scratching our heads wondering what exactly this glamorous iPhone actually is?

Apple look set to ship two new iPhones in September

Apple will start shipping two new iPhone models as soon as early September, according to rumours circulated by the Wall Street Journal...

Apple to reveal new iPhone this year

Well Apple fanatics, it's that time again. Time to start stacking that savings account, or opening that new credit card you don't need...

Latest News Points to iPhone 5S and iPhone Mini

As you may have already expected, an iPhone 5S might be on it's way sometime this year with production of the next generation iPhone starting in the second quarter of this year. This also springs more news of the Cupertino company talking about a cheaper iPhone which also might be in development.
Coloured iPhones

Fancy a Red or Blue iPhone 5S? It Might Just Happen!

Cult of Mac reported yesterday that amongst various rumours that the next iPhone (probably the 5S) will come in a variety of colours, there's now a job description for an "Anodizing Engineer" to help add colour to the next generation of iPhones. Whether this is what the job entails, with competing products like the bright Nokia Lumia series, and the various colours of the Galaxy S III, Apple seem to realise that there's a market for brightly coloured iPhones!

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