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It’s Looking Increasingly Likely that the iPhone 7 Won’t Have a...

The iPhone 7 has yet to be announced officially by Apple, but already the rumour mill is churning overtime specifically regarding whether or not the new handset will come with a headphone jack.
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Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac Sales Continue to Fall as Apple...

Apple has this week unveiled its Q3 2016 financials, and once again it's looking like the company's device sales are still dipping.
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Apple to Reportedly Ditch the 16GB iPhone Model

Another year, another rumour surrounding Apple's decision to stop releasing devices with 16GB storage.
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New Rumour Suggests Apple is Skipping the iPhone 7 Release This...

According to a new report, Apple may be skipping the iPhone 7 release this year, but don't fret, they'll still be releasing two new handsets.

Apple to Allow Subscriptions in Apps this Summer

Apple's VP Phil Schiller has revealed that the company will begin to allow video game developers to offer titles as a subscription service later this year.
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Never Run Low on the Go Again with the Native Union...

Native Union have once again solved a problem we never even thought we had with the unveiling of a brand new product which hopes to make carrying around a charging cable a fashion statement rather than an unnecessary necessity.
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Could Apple be Considering a Three-year Release Cycle?

In Apple's last financial report, the company revealed that it had suffered its first sales dip in 13 years as the iPhone and iPad failed to do as well as Apple had hoped. As a result, a recent report suggests that Apple is moving away from a yearly refresh of their handsets to a more broad three-year cycle.
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Apple Sees First Ever Year-on-Year Sales Dip

It's looking like Apple is struggling to find new ways to sell us the same product as the company has announced its first dip in sales of the iPhone.
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2017 iPhone to Feature AMOLED Display?

A 2017 iPhone could feature an AMOLED display with curved glass, according to AppleInsider.

iPhone SE: 3 Reasons to Buy

Like many of the rumours had predicted, Apple has announced its iPhone SE. A powerful phone in a small sized package, there are several reasons why it could be a good buy for customers who are on the iPhone 5s or lower.

Apple’s March 21st event: What to Expect

Apple will be holding its March 21 keynote later today and there are several things we are likely to see, ranging from hardware to software.

1970 Bug Bricks iOS Devices

A bug has emerged for iOS devices, which causes them to brick without any software fix.

Some Third Party iPhone Repairs are Doing More Damage than Good

Although TouchID has allowed iPhone users to both unlock their phone, purchase things in the App Store, and if you have Apple Pay, purchase physical goods. But with the addition of such a feature, Apple has had to ramp up security to prevent unlawful purchases. Because of this however, some users who have had to use third party services to repair their iPhones, have found that they do more damage than good.

Report: Google Pays Apple to Remain Default Search on iOS

The love affair between Google and Apple has been a rough one. At one point the two got on really well, with some Google Apps being default apps on Apple's iPhone, like YouTube and Google Maps. However, things turned sour when Google decided to abandon iOS and Apple in return removed all traces of the company from its mobile operating system. However, there's one place Google still remains, and that's in Apple's mobile Safari search, and this privilege doesn't come cheap!
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Apple’s Upcoming Night Shift Mode Will Help you Sleep

It's become common knowledge now that using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop before going to sleep is probably the worst thing you can do. So much so that researchers have called for developers and manufacturers to incorporate some sort of Bed Time Mode into their apps and devices. Oddly, it seems like Apple has listened.

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