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iPhone 7 to Feature a Panic Mode?

The iPhone 6S may have only been out since late September, but we're already hearing about Apple's next flagship. The company has been granted a patent for a Touch ID activated 'panic mode' which could make its way to the iPhone in the future.
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Wikipedia’s Founder Wants Apple to stop UK iPhone sales

Apple should refuse to sell the iPhone in the UK if a government bill is passed, says Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Jimmy Wales made the...
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Apple’s iPhone iOS 9.1 update got users extra sleep

Starting with iOS 9.0, iPhone users have the option for an 'overnight update', which auto updates the phone between midnight and 5:00 a.m.
iPhone 6s feature

Nope, the iPhone 6S isn’t as Waterproof as you’d Think…

Upon the release of any new iDevice, a slew of "tests" arrive from drop tests, to soak tests, to bend tests. Oddly no other phone gets this sort of treatment, but hey, at least other people are destroying their phones and not me.

Apple May Soon Let you Remove Pre-Installed Apps

If there's one thing that everyone has on their iPhone or iPad is that little folder filled with crap that no one uses. Not everyone is interested in Stocks, nor does everyone have an Apple Watch. These apps take up unnecessary space on the home screen, and soon Apple may let you remove them.

Apple’s Next iPhone Could have a Persistent “Hey Siri” Function

Later today Apple is set to unveil a number of new devices at their "Hey Siri" conference, but a new leak just hours ahead of the official unveiling has revealed that Apple's next iPhone could have a persistent "Hey Siri" function.
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iPhone 6s Rumoured to have ‘3D Touch’ Display.

With Apple introducing Force Touch to a handful of their latest devices (mostly mouse and touch-pad based, and the Apple Watch), the rumour mill is circulating, and has been for some time, that the new iPhone will come with Force Touch built into its display.

Apple Might be Ditching the 16GB iPhone After All

Earlier this year rumours suggested that Apple might be ditching the 16GB option when they unveil their next iPhone later this month, but other rumours confirmed that this may not be the case. According to our source however, that might not be the case after all.

This Gas-powered iPhone 6 Lasted for an Entire Week Without Charge

Remember when our mobile phones lasted for weeks without going anywhere near a charger? Sure, they had much less functionality than today's smartphones and this has caused battery power to be one of the most sought-after things when it comes to choosing our next smartphones. But what if your next iPhone lasted a week on a single charge?

Could the Next iPhone Drop 16GB?

Remember when flagship smartphones used to come with 8GB storage options? Yeah, that's a distant memory, and it might soon be joined by the 16GB storage option if this latest report is to be believed.

AR Game “Night Terrors” Turns Your Home into a Haunted House

Ever wanted to experience the horror and fright of a haunted house in your own home? Well that's what the developers of 'Night Terrors', an augmented reality horror game, are trying to do. The game is currently in development and is aiming to get funding for $70,000USD on IndieGoGo.

Heated iPhone vs Galaxy S6 Argument Leads to Stabbing

It's not the biggest deal when people have debates over which is better, Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy S series- it's something which has gone on for years and will continue as long as they keep innovating and improving. What you don't expect to hear though is people stabbing each other after claiming one device is better than the other.
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DSLR-like Cameras Sensors Coming to the iPhone?

The deal between the companies cost around $20 million, according to CNBC. Last year, LinX released information about its new technology for cameras on mobile devices. Instead of a typical sized lens, it uses several multi-aperture cameras. This technology analyses the pixels from the cameras to create a 3D reconstruction. The company also said it could create the opportunity for refocusing photos, so maybe something similar to the HTC One M8.

Apple to Offer Face Recognition for iPhones?

If this feature is introduced, it would work in the way you would expect- rather than typing in a passcode, password or using the Touch ID, you can just hold the phone in front of your face and it'll use the front facing camera to recognise you.
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The Next iPhone Could have a Pressure Sensitive Screen.. and Pink

Another year, another iPhone, and the rumours are starting to begin. Around this time each year rumours start to trickle in surrounding details of the next iPhone, whether it's a new model entirely or just a tweaked version of an existing handset. The first rumour for the next iPhone comes from The Wall Street Journal who's reporting that the next iPhone will come with Force Touch-equipped displays, and a fancy new Pink option.

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