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Farewell iPod Classic, I Knew Ye Well

Following Apple's announcement of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus they've done something drastic. Something unforgivable. Something down right despicable. They've removed the iPod Classic from their online store essentially discontinuing one of the best iPods available from the company.

iOS 8 to be Released on September 17

iOS 8 will be available to download on current Apple iPhones and iPads on September 17 as well as coming pre-installed on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus when they launch on September 19.
iOS controller

New iOS Controller Unveiled by SteelSeries

Ahead of the E3, SteelSeries, have unveiled a new controller for iOS, the Stratus XL. SteelSeries are a leading manufacturer gaming equipment from headsets, keyboards and mice to controllers and software and already have a large range of gaming equipment available.

iPod – Will the Plug be Pulled?

Despite posting huge income and net profits in Q1 of 2014, Apple fans have had some concerns over several of the tech giant's aging products. One of the biggest areas of concern is the soon-to-be-dead iPod...

Einstein Enigma Review (iOS)

Einstein Enigma, an iOS game about rotating tiles and solving puzzles.
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Could Apple owe you $300 for misread moisture sensor?

In April, Apple agreed to the terms of a class action settlement worth $53 million over Apples warranty practices regarding their moisture sensor located on earlier iPhones and iPods.

The lawsuit states that Apple refused to honour the warranty on some devices which they believed to be water damaged thanks to the moisture indicator. As it turns out though these Liquid Contact Indicators had a tendency to chance colour in humid environments. Because of this Apple has agreed to pay out up to $300 to users of the iPhone, the iPhone 3G/3GS, and the iPod Touch 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation.

Team 17 Announce Worms 3 exclusively to iOS

Team 17 have recently been showing off their new PC exclusive title Worms: Clan Wars a brand new title which is set to change the way we play Worms titles, however that's not all they have up their sleeves. Team 17 have recently announced Worms 3 a brand new old-school worms game coming exclusively to iOS.
Amazon phone

Amazon’s upcoming Smartphone rumoured to Kill Competition with 3D screen.

According to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's upcoming smart phone is going to come with glasses-free 3D functionality.

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