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Four Things you may not Know About Iron Man

Tony Stark, AKA The Golden Avenger, AKA Iron Man is a founding Avenger and was the character that launched the Marvel Studios franchise. Though how much do you really know about him?
Team Iron Man

Should Tony Stark Make a Reality Show?

The world of Marvel covers so many different kinds of genres, there's of course superhero, then you've got espionage, martial arts, weird science ,and then you've got lesser known genres like horror and western.

New Iron Man Will Have a New Name: Ironheart

In the upcoming Iron Man series, we've learned that Tony Stark would be stepping down as Iron Man handing the reigns to a new hero, Riri Williams, a young science prodigy who created her own Iron man suit. But there was one big question, will Williams still hold the Iron Man mantle, despite not actually being a man?

Marvel Unveil New Invincible Iron Man… a 15-Year Old Girl

Following Marvel making the new Thor female, it seems another one of Marvel's Avengers will be getting the female treatment, this time it's Iron Man...

Top 5 Moments In Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2

Captain America: Civil War is definitely a VERY highly anticipated film this year. The third instalment in the Captain America franchise will show fan-favourites going head-to-head in what can be summed as "Team Iron Man vs Team Captain America" - basically, it's a superhero showdown of epic proportions. And now, fans have been treated to the second official - and we've got the best moments picked out for you!

Marvel Killing Off Major Character During Civil War II

Fans of Marvel Comics are in for a bit of a shock when Civil War II is finally released, according to the official synopsis (and an inside look at Marvel's Semi-annual Editorial Retreat) - and it all results in the death of a major character!

Three Ridiculous Ideas on Who the New Iron Man Could Be

So, the new line of Marvel Comics is just around the corner and you know what that means? You don't? Fine I'll tell you! It means a huge stream of issue number ones!

Robert Downey Jr not Returning for Iron Man 4

A sad day for MCU fans
Iron man armours

Iron Man armour Tony Stark should have

Iron Man has a lot of armours. But there are a lot of bad guys out their and that one size fits all armour can't always win the day.

Cue armours like the Hulkbuster armour, a huge suit designed for battle the Hulk.

So here's a couple ideas I had for armours Iron Man could have a use for.
Iron Man armour top 5

Top 5 Iron Man Armours

So Iron Man has a lot of armours, the relationship to his armour is similar to that of an averages persons relationship with Primark trainers. This reflected the progressing world of technology and how his suit constantly advanced. In the early days the technology in the suit would change and would somehow overcome that months bad guys, though in general the appearance wouldn't change. To contradict the films, Stark kept the grey armour for a quite a while, then gave it a gold paint job to make it look less scary and before finally settling in a slim gold and yellow model to overcome yet another villain. So here's my top 5 favourite armours Tony Stark has donned in mainstream and alternate continuities.

A brief history of War Machine

So James Rhodes has cemented his place in the Marvel cinematic universe. So let's armour up and take a trip down memory lane.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Trailer Reveals 6 Minutes of Awesome Gameplay.

Whilst browsing YouTube we spotted a new trailer for the up coming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game which I must say looks absolutely awesome! Apart from the fact that Robert Downey Jr. isn't the voice of Iron Man, but hey ho!
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes gets a sneak peek.

It only seems fitting that with all the latest big releases this year set within the Marvel Universe that LEGO would take part. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes got a sneak peek video today as we get ready for it’s release in Autumn.

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