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Cannot Connect to iTunes Store? You’re not Alone!

Pretty much all morning I've been struggling with downloading apps and connecting to the iTunes Store on my iPhone. I've tried many solutions even trying to login on our iPad and on iTunes itself with no luck, and it seems like I'm not alone. Following a quick chat with AppleCare, it seems the iTunes Store and many other services are down for Apple right now.
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Apple Removes the “Free” Label from App Store

Apple have made a small but significant change to the way it displays apps on the App Store now. Instead of games like Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds being labelled as "FREE," they're now just labelled as "GET," that's right, Apple has finally stopped labelling games as free on the iTunes App Store.
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Go Away Flappy Bird, Google and Apple Begin Rejecting Flappy Bird...

Following the untimely death of Flappy Bird hundreds of developers began creating clones of the game hoping to cash in on the $50,000 a day revenue that Flappy Bird was reportedly earning. According to a recent report it looks as if Google and Apple are getting a little sick of Flappy this and Flappy that and have started to reject games of a similar nature.

The Day Beyoncé Crashed iTunes

Encouraging ladies without partners in their lives to unite and suggesting that if you like something you should probably marry it, Beyoncé Knowles is known worldwide. So when she launched her latest album titled 'Beyoncé' without warning exclusively to iTunes, it came as no surprise that Apple's music downloading platform subsequently crashed.
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Monthly Favourite Apps | June

I'm back with my selection of favourite apps for this month! I've been laid up in bed after an operation so have found myself mindlessly scrolling through the Play Store downloading anything and everything, between giggling at some ridiculous apps (extra giggly due to pain meds) or rolling my eyes at the truly naff I've found some gems.
Apple TV (02)

Apple TV – Now part of the family.

I like a nice look around the local Apple Store just as much as the next person. Normally I will go in to see...
Broken Record

Musical Record Breakers

These past few weeks have been witness to some extraordinary musical and technology milestones that really prove how popular online streaming music really has become with both Daft Punk and PSY setting some pretty hefty records after the releases of their new songs.
Black Ops 2 Uprising Mob of the Dead

Mob of the Dead soundtrack released.

I think we can all agree that many of the Call of Duty Zombie games have had hidden musical gems that have complemented the feel of absolute terror that players witness whilst battling hordes of the undead dirt-bags!...
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Vine Hits The Top Spot in US iTunes Chart!

Cast your mind back to January, the beloved people at Twitter recently purchased a fairly new app called Vine. A short video sharing app that has taken the world by storm! It has recently come to light that Vine has reached number one in the US chart for Free Apps on iTunes. Rather a big achievement!...

Free App of the Week – Phoster

As of recent I've found a distinct lack of games that I want to play on my iPhone, and last night I came across the App Stores 'App of the Week'. Phoster, still not a game but I'm very glad I didn't pass up the opportunity to download it. The app is basically posters using your photos - Phoster!...

UniWar HD, Bringing Strategy Games to the Kindle Fire

I'm not much of a fan of strategy games, I prefer quick action game play that I don't have to wait for. But there's something about Uniwar that's a little different and makes this sort of turn based gameplay fun. I'm not sure if it's the simple concept or the ability to play the game online with others, but it's a pretty great game...

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