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Jessica Jones Season 3 Coming Soon, is Final Season

Jessica Jones third season is still coming, Netflix has confirmed, while also reminding us that the show has been canceled. Following its cancelation earlier this year,...
The Punisher Still Netflix

Jessica Jones and The Punisher Officially Canceled

Netflix and Marvel Studios has today confirmed that the remaining Marvel series' Jessica Jones and The Punisher have been canceled. Unsurprisingly, following the cancellation of...

Jessica Jones Season 3 Set Footage Gives a Sneak Peek at...

The second season finale of Jessica Jones made a not so subtle hint at where Trish's character might be heading for the next season...

Jessica Jones Season 2 Coming March 2018

Jessica Jones may have hung up her jacket after The Defenders, but it looks like she's back for one more round as Netflix has unveiled when we can jump into Season 2.

Killgrave is Back in Jessica Jones Season 2

David Tennant is to reprise his role as Killgrave in the upcoming second season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones, according to Entertainment Weekly, and set photos seem to reveal in what capacity.

The Defenders Strike a Pose in new Motion Posters

Marvel have released a handful of brand new posters for their upcoming Netflix series, Marvel's The Defenders.

Let’s Break Down The Defenders Trailer

It's been a long time coming and five seasons of other shows to make this happen, but it's finally here, well, the trailer is...
Defenders Logo

The Defenders Trailer is Here!

We have finally received our first look at Marvel's the Defenders, which is coming to Netflix August 18!! This trailer is packed with juicy footage...
Kilgrave in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” Review

The thing about a show like this; with a meticulously thought out, cohesive, and whole season, is we know there's a ways to go. When Jessica and the team started gearing up and preparing to get Kilgrave locked up in that soundproof room, we knew it wasn't to last. That didn't stop the episode from offering some well executed thrills and twists, it did alleviate some of the tension.
Jessica talking to Patsy

Jessica Jones – “AKA 99 Friends” Review

One thing this show just seems to get is how to have many different, disconnected plotlines that all seem to matter just as much as one another. Whether it be Jessica hunting Kilgrave, her paparazzi, her different clients, the support group with Hogarth, the cop trying to make amends with Jessica, and making amends with Patsy, it all fit. Not show can have that much going on without something feeling out of place. Naturally there was one that didn't quite fit, but for the most part that was a lot to juggle.
Photos of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA It’s Called Whiskey” Review

We had more first hand experience with the effects of Kilgrave on his victims, some excellent plans and schemes from Jessica, and some hair-raising tension. Oh, and like four different sex scenes. There was that too.
Luke Cage in Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones – “AKA Crush Syndrome” Review

Reviewing individual episodes of a show like Daredevil and Jessica Jones poses an interesting challenge, as the shows are designed with the knowledge that...

Jessica Jones – “AKA Ladies Night” Review

I've always preferred television as a medium of adapting comic book stories rather than movies. I'm a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, loved the movies, but like many others, I didn't even know how to react when Daredevil hit the scene and perfected everything I've wanted from this universe. In comes Jessica Jones, a character few people are familiar with, and a history you can do anything with. With the same producers onboard, my expectations have been through the roof. At the moment? Consider me duly impressed. And I say duly, for now.

New Images Of Mike Colter On Set Of ‘Luke Cage’ Surface

The upcoming Jessica Jones (which releases later this week, on November 20) will feature the debut of actor Mike Colter's portrayal of Luke Cage, who will be getting his own series next year, and is currently being undergoing filming. Now, thanks to Getty Images, we have a whole slew of new photos of the aforementioned Colter in character as Luke Cage, and donning a pretty snazzy suit while he's at it.

Daredevil & Jessica Jones Coming To Marvel Mobile Games

Fans of Marvel's Future Fight and Contest of Champions mobile games, rejoice, for a couple fan-favourite characters are making the jump to these popular titles later this month.

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