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Massive Chalice art

Double Fine’s, Massive Chalice fully funded

Last month, Double Fine announced it's new Kickstarter for Massive Chalice a tactical combat game spanning multiple generations.

Pencil Test Stuidos Kickstarter was a success, Armikrog is coming to...

I believe it’s safe to say that many a fan of Earthworm Jim and Neverhood will be throwing their hats in the air and jumping for joy. Pencil Test Studios have reached their Kickstarter for Armikrog to be released on not only the Wii-U but also the PC, Linux and Mac...

American McGee kick-starts OZombie

American McGee and his company Spicy Horse Games have recently launched a kickstarter for a brand new original title...

Ouya launches today in UK and US

The long awaited, Kickstarter funded console, Ouya has finally launched today...

Pencil Test Studios new game ‘Armikrog’ might be coming to the...

If you were ever a fan of Earthworm Jim and the underrated Neverhood games then we have some great news for you. Doug Tenpal...

Massive Chalice: Double Fine’s New Kickstarter Project

After setting records on Kickstarter, and pretty much starting the Kickstarter revolution-- Double Fine is back with another amazing looking game. MASSIVE CHALICE! for the PC, Linux, and Mac. As of this posting, the project is at $566,469 of its desired $750,000 goal, with 26 days still remaining.
W/Me wristband collection

Kickstarter Project hopes to bring mood rings to the 21st Century

Mood rings, a height of fashion in the 80's may be making a comeback with Phyode's W/Me wristband, which is described as 'a wearable device that can improve your lifestyle'...
Pixel Press

Pixel Press. Letting you draw, design and publish your own games.

Kickstarter has a habit of being a resting ground for some truly outstanding projects and today that one is Pixel Press...

Heavy Gear Assault: Destruction Teaser. Unreal 4 Destruction.

A recent Kickstarter project titled Heavy Gear Assault have released a new video showing off some of the destruction that gamers will be able to create.

Road Redemption Speeds Past Kickstarter Goal to Raise $182,791 (so far)

Road Rash-inspired racer Road Redemption passed it's Kickstarter goal two days ago with $173,803 surpassing their target by around $13,000 which means when August 2014 arrives we'll be able to play what looks to be a truly fantastic game.
Simavision Light Show

Simavision – Enhancing Your Home Entertainment System

Here at n3rdabl3 we just can't get enough of community funding website Kickstarter, especially the technology category. Browsing the site recently a few projects jumped out, as they usually do, but a product that really caught my eye was Simavision...
Road Redemption Shooting

Road Redemption kickstarter. Bringing rash-style gameplay back.

Riding a bike at 100mph isn’t an easy task. Riding into on coming traffic? That raises the risk of death. How about both of those and the risk of having your head hit in by a baseball bat? Sound like a challenge. Then say hello to Road Redemption...
eJay Pure

eJay Pure, a Musical Blast from the Past.

I'm a huge fan of music and from an early age I began creating electronic music on various types of software. Where it all began for me though, was eJay. I remember a free demo that my cousin had that I profusely begged him to lend me and something we both spent a lot of time on over each others houses at the weekend. I'm not sure what version of eJay it was, but what pulled it in for me was it's simplicity. It has since been replaced by FLStudio and Cubase but it might just come back into my life in the form of eJay Pure!
american mcgees alice

Would You Play A Third American McGee Alice Game?

Alice Madness Returns wasn't the best game ever made but by gosh was it a memorable experience? From the bright and wonderful colours to the insane and twisted foes, Wonderland never looked so good. That said, earlier this month American McGee asked fans if they would be up for a third game in the series.

Oculus Rift – The Story So Far

It was announced today that 10,000 developer kits of Oculus VR's flagship high field of view virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, have been shipped out, so we can expect even more buzz around the internet about the high end piece of gaming kit, here's a quick round up of the story so far...

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