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Man Suing Sony for over $5million for Killzone’s Multiplayer

Douglas Ladore, a man residing in California is suing Sony for over $5 million for allegedly falsely advertising Killzone’s multiplayer mode when Sony marketed...

You Can Now Fart in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Nope, you're not reading the title wrong. One of the best first person shooters for the PlayStation 4, has now been given DLC which allows you to fart on command, not only that, you can plank too. Yep. A pretty serious first-person-shooter has just gotten a little sillier thanks to the Fun & Games Spotlight pack which you can download now for $1.99.

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Interceptor DLC Gets a Trailer

In the hopes to revive Killzone: Shadow Fall's dwindling multiplayer mode now other big first person shooters are on the scene, Guerrilla Games are gearing up to launch the Interceptor DLC which will bring a cooperative wave-based game mode to the space-age shooter.

Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Intercept Co-op Mode Detailed, Requires Team Work.

Guerilla Games' Killzone: Shadow Fall is going to be the latest first person shooter to get an additional co-operative multiplayer mode where working together is the key. Titled, Interceptor, players are tasked with working together to.. well.. intercept Helghast military transmissions at enemy bases, but don't expect to progress if you can't work in a team.

Killzone: Shadow Fall 1.12 Patch has been Released, Fixes Bugs, Adds...

Following the release of the first paid DLC for Killzone: Shadow Fall that launches today in Europe the developers have released a patch that will fixes a lot of the issues of progression within the single player campaign, as well as adding trophies for the Insurgence Pack DLC. Here are some of the details of the fixes:
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Gets its First Paid DLC; the Insurgent Pack.

Available to download from the PlayStation Network right now, players of Killzone: Shadow Fall can purchase the games first DLC pack, the Insurgent Pack, for £7.99. This will give players three new weapons, two new game modes, and a brand new character class. Not bad considering most of the updates and maps so far have been free.

Killzone Shadow Fall Gets Free DLC Plus Paid DLC Coming Soon.

Guerrilla Games has revealed two multiplayer DLC maps, but calm down everyone, before you start reaching for your wallets the developers have announced that the first two maps are completely free of charge!

UK Charts | FIFA 14 Still Top of The League.

FIFA 14 is still sitting pretty at the top of the UK Games Chart, now only one more week away from beating the efforts of Zumba Fitness from all the way back in 2011 for the longest reigning number 1 game. EA will no doubt be keeping a close eye on the charts goings on in the run up to next weeks results.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Free DLC Maps on the Horizon

If you're still basking in the glory of the multiplayer portion of PS4 hit, get ready for another couple of maps to murder on and find those special areas to drop spawn beacons, just to piss off the enemy.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Developers Listening… Updates on Their Way

After a very successful launch release, the Playstation 4's biggest exclusive title has made a name for itself. It's one of those rare games that bring you both a mostly compelling single player campaign and a robust online section, worthy of your time.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Multiplayer Review

If, like me as a child, played British Bulldogs, you'll know that rising feeling of both dread and elation as your team squares up to a line of mouth-breathing, neanderthal skulled miscreants. The adrenaline kicks in and the battle-cries fill the air as you rush headlong into the unknown, waiting for a lucky break or to be more honest, hoping not to break anything.

This is the feeling you get when you wait for the spawn timer to count down at the beginning of a Killzone multiplayer match. It's one big race to reach the objective on the map, set up tactical resources and try your hardest to survive while a tidal wave of randoms pour over your squad and try to jockey for position.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Review

With the EU launch of the Playstation 4, gamers were left with a sparse choice of games to pick up on release. The most popular exclusive title seems to have been Killzone: Shadow Fall, but was it worth the wait?

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Gameplay Tutorial Teases Tools of the Trade

The most recent video from Guerrilla Games' Sony exclusive takes you through a training session as a Shadow Marshal. It outlines your abilities, equipment and the myriad of options of the OWL, your remote controlled companion.

Killzone: Shadow Fall – New Multi-Path Footage Video

For those of you who are only a month away from purchasing a PS4 bundled with launch day exclusive Killzone: Shadow Fall, this video is a treat.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Gamescom Multiplayer Gameplay

Being an Xbox fan I can't say I know too much about the Killzone series and sadly as First Person Shooters go, I'm more of a Call of Duty and Battlefield fan than anything else. What I can say about Killzone: Shadow Fall is that, that game packs a serious punch. Compared to DICE and Infinity Wards efforts this year Killzone: Shadow Fall might actually stand a chance at being one of the best FPS launch titles for the PlayStation 4.

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