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Amazon to Bring Back Fire OS Encryption

Amazon has said it will be bringing back encryption to Fire devices soon, after it was removed in Fire OS 5.

Amazon Brings Kindle Unlimited to the UK, It’s Like Netflix for...

Amazon have today announced that they're finally bringing Kindle Unlimited, their book subscription service, to the UK which allows subscribers access to a library of 650,000 available e-books and "thousands" of audiobooks every month all for a small subscription fee of £7.99.

Amazon Unveil the FireTV a Teeny Tiny Set Top Box with...

Yesterday Amazon held their mysterious event which they unveiled the FireTV, a brand new Amazon branded set top box which is expected to bring Amazon's Prime Video and other streaming services such as Netflix, right into the living room. It sounds pretty good, but you may already have a Chromecast or Apple TV, so what's so special about the FireTV? It has it's own gaming controller and will bring handheld gaming to the living room.
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Amazon Send Out Mysterious Invites to April 2 Event. Kindle Console...

Today Amazon is sending out press invites to an event which is set to be held in New York on Wednesday, April 2. No one knows exactly what the event is for, but rumours and speculation from various publications suggest that Amazon's gaming console is on the agenda.
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Amazon Offering Rewards to Developers Who Build Apps for the Kindle...

The Amazon App Store for Android has grown rapidly in the past year or so, I've seen it first hand from when I first got my Kindle Fire HD. Sure there were some decent apps available it wasn't quite as flourishing as the Google Play store. It seems that Amazon are hoping to change that by offering developers an incentive to build apps for the Amazon App store.
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Amazon Could Venture into the Realm of Set-top Boxes Just in...

The Wall Street Journal have reported that an unnamed anonymous source claims that Amazon are "readying" a set-top box in time for the holidays. If this is true it'll put Amazon amongst the likes of Apple with their Apple TV and Google with the Chromecast.

Kindle Fire HD Interface Shown Off in New Leaks.

Thanks to our favourite tipster @evleaks we now have what we believe to be a first look at the new Kindle Fire interface as well at the next generation Kindle Fire that it'll run on.

Amazon’s Own Smartphone Could Be Yours for Free.

Rumours suggesting Amazon may begin to manufacture their own brand of smartphone have been circulating for some time now with no clear indication whether it's true. In the past few days however a new rumour has appeared stating that Amazon are not only planning to launch their own smartphone but give it away for free.

Amazon Announce Kindle MatchBook. Pay a Discounted Price for Kindle Versions...

Yesterday Amazon announced their new Kindle MatchBook benefit which gives Kindle owners the chance to buy the Kindle version of books they physically own for $2.99, $1.99, $0.99, or free as long as they were purchased new from Amazon.

Amazon Launches Virtual “Coins” for Kindle and App Store Purchases

Early last week Amazon announced that it was introducing a new virtual currency service in the form of Amazon Coins. These coins can be used as currency for Amazon Kindle and Amazon App Store purchases.
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Amazon’s upcoming Smartphone rumoured to Kill Competition with 3D screen.

According to sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon's upcoming smart phone is going to come with glasses-free 3D functionality.
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Blip – A Great Way To Enjoy Original Web Series.

Web series are becoming more and more popular as their budgets and production methods are becoming bigger and better. Many series are spread across...
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The Kindle Fire HD, It’s Not Just a Kindle.

With a sudden abundance of 7 inch tablets on the market such as the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini to name a few, it's...

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