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Microsoft Turns Kinect into a $399 PC Peripheral Powered by the...

Microsoft is bringing back the Kinect, as a PC Peripheral powered by the cloud, to be used for AI purposes. The Kinect originally debuted as...
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Microsoft Officially Unplugs the Kinect

Microsoft has revealed that they're no longer manufacturing the Kinect sensor, which in Layman's terms means the Kinect is officially dead.
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Kinect Adapter for the Xbox One S will Set you Back...

Microsoft has unveiled the Kinect adapter which will be needed for users who want to use the Xbox One Kinect with their Xbox One S, and it'll cost you £33, though there is a way you can get one for free.
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You’ll Soon be Able to Grab Yourself a Standalone Kinect for...

Following rumours that Microsoft will be launching the Kinect all by its lonesome sometime this October, Microsoft announced the official details of the standalone Kinect that can be yours this October 7 when it launches in the UK for the super affordable price of £129.99 - wait, what?
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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Thinks You’ll Buy a Kinect for your Standalone...

When the first Kinect launched for the Xbox 360 in November 2010, it wasn't very well received amongst consumers. Sure, it's a fantastic device and works incredibly well on the games that supported it, but it wasn't very well utilised elsewhere. Shooting forward to the launch of the Xbox One which was now bundled with the new-and improved Kinect, things have certainly changed despite Microsoft recently dropping the peripheral and releasing Standalone Xbox One SKU. But that's okay, as Microsoft's Phil Spencer thinks you'll buy one soon enough.
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Xbox One Turned On by Aaron Paul

Ever since the advent of electricity and the on switch, people who believe in the supernatural have reported ghosts turning on their TVs and other appliances. While this train of thought may utterly confuse those of us gifted with common sense, there are people who believe a spiritual entity trapped in eternal purgatory would rather fiddle with the remote than throw heavy objects around. Some Xbox One owners have been experiencing ghostly occurrences in recent days though as their Xbox One systems are powered up; but by Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul.
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Microsoft Executive says Kinect-less Xbox One Good for Kinect

When Microsoft announced a $399 Xbox One SKU the gaming press exploded with speculation as to why. Everyone wondered about how this would affect studios developing Kinect-centric games like Harmonix along with the impact on Rare's recent release Kinect Sports Rivals. People across the world with a vested interest in the games industry has a thought in the back of their mind, has Microsoft given up on selling the Kinect as a vital element in the Xbox One experience. According to Redmond Games manager Matt Booty though, it could be a good thing for developers.
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Xbox One SDK Update Gives Developers More Power to Work With.

In the latest version of the Software Development Kit for the Xbox One, developers can now benefit from a bit of extra power for graphics processing, says Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Twitter, resources previously reserved for the Kinect and System functions.

Your Xbox One UI is About to Change Thanks to the...

In light of Microsoft decoupling the Kinect from the Xbox One next month, the console's user interface is about to change to make it more controller friendly according to a report from Engadget. For those of you who've had the Xbox One for a little while may realise that the current UI is designed with the Kinect's gesture and voice controls in mind. Now Microsoft are effectively dumping the Kinect, that's all about to change.

Harmonix aren’t too Happy About Microsoft Abandoning the Kinect.

Harmonix, the developers behind the hugely popular Dance Central on the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved for the Xbox One which uses the Kinect 2.0 aren't too pleased about Microsoft abandoning the Kinect by announcing that they'll be shipping the Xbox One without the Kinect.
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Kinect-Less Xbox One coming in June

A quick news update for folks out there, the Xbox One will be sold sans Kinect starting June 9th. Since the announcement of the glossy/matte brick Microsoft have maintained that the Kinect 2.0 is central to the experience of owning the Xbox One. It would appear however that Microsoft have completed their policy 180 by now officially announcing you'll be able to buy the console on its own for $399. That's a drop of $100 from the standard price of a console. This is of course the RRP and not all retailers will follow this rule.

Peter Molyneux Also Thinks Microsoft Will Launch an Xbox One without...

22 Cans founder Peter Molyneux has joined video gaming analyst Michael Patcher in saying that Microsoft will be releasing an Xbox One console without the bundled Kinect saying that it's “unthinkable” that the company won’t release a model without it.
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Patcher Thinks an Xbox One Without the “Irrelevant” Kinect is Coming...

Industry know-it-all Michael Patcher has been sharing his ideas on how Microsoft can pull forward in the current next-generation console war between Sony and Microsoft. Speeking in his weekly web show, BonusRound, Patcher believes that Microsoft will throw out a cheaper Xbox One bundle that doesn't come with the Kinect, despite Microsoft saying otherwise.

Kinect Sports Rivals Launches Exclusively on Xbox One on April 11.

Microsoft and Rare today announced the launch date of the next-generation instalment of Kinect Sport, Kinect Sports Rivals. This new Kinect centric game features all-new sports; climbing, wake racing and target shooting, as well as re-imagined favourites; soccer, tennis and bowling, all powered by the Xbox One and the Kinect 2.0.

Miniaturise Yourself with Kinect…

Okay, it's not quite as dramatic as it sounds. You wont turn out like Mike TV in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, nor will you be able to re-enact Honey, I Shrunk the Kids...

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