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UK Gaming Charts: Another Win for LEGO Jurassic World

Another week, another win for Warner Bros. as LEGO Jurassic World fails to be knocked off the top spot. It's its second consecutive week and fourth number one in total since it launched earlier this year.
LEGO Jurassic World

UK Gaming Charts: LEGO Jurassic World Back on Top

After what's been a fairly slow August for video game releases, LEGO Jurassic World once again takes the top spot scoring its third number one crown.

UK Gaming Charts: LEGO Jurassic World Roars Back Into First Place

After another quiet week, we're seeing more of the top ten shifting around as summer holidays and summer sales are in full-swing. This week sees LEGO Jurassic World climb back into first as Rory McIlroy PGA Tour gets an Albatross falling to fourth place.
LEGO Jurassic World

LEGO Jurassic World Roars onto Mac

Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. have sent their hordes of LEGO dinosaurs speeding towards Apple fans' direction as LEGO Jurassic World arrives on Mac through Steam, the Apple Mac store and other outlets today.

LEGO Jurassic World Review

Traveller's Tales have successfully managed to capture the imaginations of both LEGO and iconic entertainment franchise fans over the past ten years by combining...
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UK Gaming Charts: LEGO Jurassic World Roars in First Place

Following the success of the movie, LEGO Jurassic World has roared into first place this week pushing The Elder Scrolls Online from the top spot making it the first LEGO game to land in first place since The LEGO Movie Videogame in 2014.
LEGO Jurassic World_Screenshot_1

LEGO Jurassic World Launches June 12

How exciting! In just a little under a month's time we'll be able to dive into the LEGO world of.. Jurassic World! As we already know, the game will span all four Jurassic Park movies, from Jurassic Park all the way to the upcoming Jurassic World starring Chris Pratt! Warner Bros. has also revealed that purhcases of the game will receive an exclusive gift, while stocks last of course.

Preview: LEGO Jurassic World

With the drop of the trailer earlier today, it's only appropriate now that you guys get to have a cheeky look deeper into what to expect of Lego's take on Jurassic World.

UPDATED: First LEGO Jurassic World Trailer and Key Art Arrives

Set to officially launch later today, All Games Beta has managed to get a hold of LEGO Jurassic World's gameplay trailer and has posted it online. Chances are it could be removed before Warner Bros. launch it officially, so watch it while you still can!
lego jurassic world dino

You can Play as the Dinosaur in LEGO Jurassic World

Earlier this week, Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games released the first trailer for LEGO Jurassic World which saw a jaw dropping T-Rex. What's even more jaw dropping than the trailer, is the confirmation from TT Games that you can in fact play as a dinosaur in the upcoming LEGO title!

Here’s the First Trailer for LEGO Jurassic World

Last week TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive unveiled their release slate for this year. Amongst the release slate was the release of LEGO Jurassic World which is set to come to a multitude of consoles later this year, and now we've got the game's first ever trailer.

Warner Bros. Interactive Reveal LEGO Marvel’s Avengers and LEGO Jurassic World...

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games have this week announced the 2015 release of two pretty exicing LEGO titles, one of which we've been waiting to hear more about since a tease appeared briefly at the end of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. That's right, this year we'll be able to play LEGO Marvel's Avengers and LEGO Jurassic World!

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