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LEGO Unveils AR-Powered Building Sets, LEGO Hidden Side

At the New York Toy Fair this past weekend LEGO unveiled LEGO Hidden Side a brand new range of building sets which are "enhanced"...

Free LEGO ‘Harry Potter’ Diagon Alley Set Deal Goes Live

Harry Potter and LEGO fans, rejoice! LEGO is currently offering a deal that anyone who purchases over $99 worth of sets from their website, the buyer will receive a free Harry Potter Diagon Alley set as well!

Overwatch LEGO Leaked Thanks to Target

Big box retailer Target jumped the gun a little this week and has accidentally leaked images of the upcoming Overwatch LEGO sets.

Overwatch Lego Bastion set Released

Overwatch has taken it's blockbuster status a little too literally, with the release of a Lego set for everyone's favorite bird enthusiast, Bastion. Blizzard has...

LEGO Harry Potter Collection Coming to Xbox One, Switch

Warner Bros. and TT Games have announced this week that the LEGO Harry Potter Collection will be coming soon to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

‘Jurassic Park’ 25th Anniversary LEGO Set Out Now

In honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first Jurassic Park movie, LEGO has released a new set immortalizing some key scenes from the first film. The...

LEGO Unveils Biggest Ever Set, The Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon

LEGO and Disney have this week unveiled the biggest and probably most expensive LEGO set, The Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon.

Brick it Over the New LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi...

It's coming together block by block!

Lego Dimensions: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Build Them

Lego Dimensions boasts an already impressive array of IPs incorporated into it's library, ranging from Star Wars to Batman. The game is entering it's...

The Best Cooperative games to play on Valentine’s Day

Amor. Rakkaus. Kjaerlighet. Love. There are thousands - if not - hundreds of thousands of ways to say the words that February 14th is all about. You could say it in English, Welsh, Klingon or even Elvish. Each and every iteration will have a completely different sound, shape and length but they all mean the same thing. Giving sound to that overwhelming human need to be accepted, adored, loved by another human being. It is really quite beautiful.

n3 Gift Guide – Thrifty LEGO Star Wars

It isn't just the season to be jolly, no, no, no! It is also the season to celebrate all things Star Wars. Have you not heard? Apparently there is a new Star Wars movie coming out soon. Who’d have known?

n3 Gift Guide – LEGO Technic

The n3rdabl3 elves are at it again, with yet another gift guide for your Christmas shopping convenience. In this article I am taking a look at LEGO's Technic rage, a slightly more grown up version of LEGO that features moving parts and real-life tiny engineering.

n3 Gift Guide: LEGO Star Wars Buildable Figures

Holiday season is just around the corner! The n3 office is covered in glitter trails and half-eaten candy canes. But it’s not all fun and games, the friendly elves at n3rdabl3 are here to help you find the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest, like... LEGO Star Wars!

LEGO Has Just Solved the Worst Thing about LEGO

LEGO is incredibly fun to play with, and as many will know, it's also incredibly painful to stand on. It's a well known fact that standing on a 4x2 LEGO brick is the same amount of pain you'd feel stepping on an exposed nail. But that might not be a thing for too long, as LEGO has just solved the biggest problem with LEGO.
LEGO Worlds feature

Studs, Bricks and Skeletons – LEGO Worlds First Impressions

A couple days ago the Steam Refunds system came through for me – a crisp fifteen virtual pounds had re-entered my Steam wallet. So now the obvious question was what to do with it – bunch of indie games? DLC jamboree? Nope! I bought LEGO Worlds.


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