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LEGO Batman: Be-Leaguered, Coming Soon!

We're getting a lot of Batman for the end of this year, we've got the next Arkham instalment coming up, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and now a LEGO Batman special.

Huzzah! LEGO Has Ended the Parnership with Shell Following Greenpeace Pressure

Greenpeace has been pushing for LEGO to end its long-running partnership with Shell for a good few months now starting with a fairly inventive and tearjurking video that involved LEGO minifigures enjoying their ice-capped landscape before evil Shell bigwigs decided to drill and spill oil everywhere. The video was soon removed, then it was back again, then it wasn't, but that didn't stop Greenpeace (does anything?). Finally though it's all come to an end as Greenpeace announced yesterday that the partnership between LEGO and Shell has come to an end.
Minecraft LEGO The Farm

New LEGO Minecraft Sets are Bigger and Better!

I don't dislike the current Minecraft LEGO sets, they're just a little... small. The sets, though they're beautiful, aren't really practical to actually play with - not that I have a lot of time to play with LEGO, though I wish I did - but LEGO have just announced two new Minecraft sets which are big enough to fit any of your LEGO Minifigs onto!

Lego Batman 3 Delivers Some Justice in Comic-Con Trailer

A  new trailer has been displayed at the San Diego Comic-Con for Traveller's Tales' latest incarnation of plastic, superhero based fun in Lego Batman...

Everything Isn’t Awesome! Greenpeace’s LEGO Campaign Video Gets Taken Down –...

I wouldn't go quite as far as saying that the video has been banned, like Greenpeace are claiming, but what I would say is that the video is certainly ruffling enough feathers for it to be taken down by YouTube due to a copyright claim from Warner Bros., which is surprising considering there are hundreds of videos which contain the characters from the LEGO Movie, as well as tons of videos of the movie's song, Everything is Awesome.

Everything Isn’t Awesome in this Latest LEGO Built Ad from Greenpeace.

LEGO, it's an endless source of creation and an expression of our' imaginations and without a doubt, when you're wearing shoes that is, walking into a room filled with LEGO just screams FUN! This latest video from Greenpeace however is a little depressing. In an effort to stop the partnership between LEGO and Shell, the two minute YouTube ad offers a dark twist on The LEGO Movie's 'Everything is Awesome' song as a gorgeous LEGO icescape is absorbed by gloopy oil taking everyone, including The LEGO Movie's main protagonists with it.
Pley 2video

Pley is Like Netflix, but for LEGO.

As a kid I grew up on LEGO, it was essentially my only toy and the main thing I always got at Christmas. However, my love for the studded bricks was often hampered by the cost.
Brick bendervideo

BrickFrenzy Builds a LEGO Bender – We Want, We Want!

Bender is awesome, you know this, LEGO is awesome, you also know this. So can you imagine how awesome it would be if you put the both of them together? No need to imagine, we have the pictures.

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Coming This Autumn.

Warner Bros Interactive and TT Games have unveiled the next game in their long running LEGO Batman series, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham which will be landing on almost all consoles this Autumn.
legomovievideogame cover

The LEGO Movie Videogame Review.

Did you see The LEGO Movie? Yeah? Good, because I didn't and that's where the problem began for me. The LEGO Movie Video game follows the plot of the hit movie so people who saw the movie and enjoyed it, which I know a lot of people did, can now play the movie. I on the other hand never got a chance to see the movie, you know how it is, "I'll see it next week" and I just never got round to doing it. I'll say this though, I think it's best if you've seen the movie before you play the game, yes the game follows the same plot but at times when I was playing the excitement of the LEGO universe lost me a little...

LEGO The Hobbit Recieves A Launch Trailer

With LEGO The Hobbit being released today in the United States the game has received a launch trailer showing of some of the games locations which you can see above!

UK Gaming Charts | The LEGO Movie Videogame Stays in First...

Much like those stubborn flat LEGO bricks that some how get stuck together, the LEGO Movie Videogame is stuck firmly in first place this week with last weeks new release Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze coming in ninth place.

LEGO Ghostbusters Set Pricing and Release Date Announced

The 30th anniversary LEGO Ghostbusters set, including a great looking Ecto-1 and the four spook trappers themselves, is set for a release date in June this year.

UK Gaming Charts: The LEGO Movie Video Game Enters First, Lightning...

Now that's what I like to see. FIFA 14 has been in the top spot for long enough, it's about time someone gave the game a red card and set it packing. Fortunately last week saw the release of The LEGO Movie and it's accompanying video game which has surprisingly shot right to the top spot booting FIFA 14 down to number 4!
Screenshot 2014-02-15 at 3.01.47 PMvideo

The LEGO Movie Blooper Reel Will Put a Smile on Anyone’s...

No movie is complete without a blooper reel and now the LEGO Movie is out almost everywhere they have released some bloopers from the making of the movie showing us that even LEGO minifigures mess up some of the time.

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