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LG G5 to Feature Dual Camera and ‘Magic Slot’?

Well-known leaker, @evleaks a.k.a Evan Blass, has revealed a huge amount of information about the upcoming LG G5, which will launch in Q1 of 2016.
LG G4 6

LG G4 to be the First non-Nexus Phone to get Android...

It's that time of year again, time to start making Smores! It's also that time of year that a new version of Android is set to roll-out, coincidentally, it's Android Marshmallow and it looks like it may be rolling out quicker than we expected.
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LG G4 Review: LG Have Done it Again..

LG have been facing increasingly stiff competition in the mobile market as of late. With Apple having the ability to release any old tat and have millions flocking to their stores; Samsung deciding that bloatware really isn't a good selling point; and HTC who have repeatedly been awarded the best Android device; LG has a lot cut out for them, but with the LG G4 I think they've done it.

LG Unveil the LG G4 a Powerhouse Wrapped in Leather

As expected LG has unveiled their next flagship smartphone the LG G4, and though we already know pretty much everything there is to know about it thanks to teasers from LG themselves, and a torrent of leaks, we're still pretty impressed. So as expected, the smartphone looks just like the leaks we've seen prior to this, and as expected the device is wrapped in leather which LG say will tastefully age as you do. Lovely.

LG’s Latest LG G4 Teaser Highlights new QHD Display

Despite incidentally revealing the full device via an unsecured LG G4 microsite, LG is still going ahead with its plan of slowly teasing each aspect of their next flagship ahead of the official unveiling on April 28. The device is set to be fully unveiled on April 28 and this latest teaser shows that the device's new display will be even brighter and crisper.

LG Accidentally Unveils Leather-clad LG G4 a Little Early..

This weekend a work-in-progress microsite for the LG G4 was discovered this weekend by Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, and contained a huge selection of official press-renders and lifestyle images of the new phone. What we got to see this weekend is the phone from all angles including it's brand new real-leather clad back casing (which looks to be removable) and a carbon-fibre effect bezel around the front.
LG G4 Teaser

LG Reveals 16MP Camera Tech for G4 Smartphone

LG has been revealing small pieces of the specification sheet for their upcoming flagship smartphone, the G4, for a while now - this week they have unveiled the camera optics that can be expected on the highly anticipated handset.
LG G4 Teaservideo

Here’s an Official Sneak Peek at the LG G4 with f/1.8...

LG have done a fantastic job of quelling leaks by occupying fans with their own official teasers of the device. This latest official teaser doesn't reveal much other than the devices camera, which LG has revealed with have an f/1.8 aperture. Which means the LG G4 will produce pretty great pictures in low-light. The device is set to be fully unveiled on April 28.
LG UX 4.0video

LG Shows off the LG UX 4.0 Ahead of LG G4...

LG are back and this time it's with another teaser for their LG G4. Sadly the phone is once again MIA, but in this latest video we get a look at the company's next-generation user interface, LG UX 4.0. This new user interface which will sit on top of Android Lollipop, is set to make life easier, and the phone's functions usable much quicker.
lg g4 display

LG Display Shows off the LG G4 Screen Before Official Announcement

LG Display is the display arm of the company and has today taken to the Internet to share with everyone the shiny new 5.5-inch QHD LCD display which will be used in the company's upcoming device. Though it doesn't reveal much, it does show that the rumoured "slight curve," won't be coming to the new flagship.

LG Schedules an Event for Late April, for the LG G4?

In an invite to press, LG are preparing to announce their next flagship device at an event in New York, London, Paris, Singapore, and Istanbul at the end of April, with the first three being held on April 28, and the final two being held on April 29, though it's likely they'll be held simultaneously with the time difference pushing the Singapore and Istanbul events into the following day.

LG G4 Note Images Surface, Show Metal Shell and Stylus

Earlier today an XDA member has leaked what they claim to be photos of the upcoming LG G4 Note, a variant of LG's upcoming flagship that's set to offer a more phablet experience than the G4 flagship. It's set to show a new direction for LG phones, as this particular device comes with a Galaxy Note-like stylus stored away at the back of the device. Little detail is actually known about the device, but the XDA user claims that it's still in development and despite software updates it's very buggy.

New LG G4 Leak Shows the Phone in Full

Another pre-finalised press image has surfaced online courtesy of @OnLeaks and Nowhereelse.fr showing the phone from the front, behind, and the sides, and it this leak is anything to go by, it's going to be an absolutely stunning device.

Leaked LG G4 Render Shows a Slight Curve in Design

Though we're yet to get any solid details about the LG G4 a press render of the supposed flagship has made its way online and it seems, if accurate, the LG G4 may take some design cues from the LG G Flex. The leak comes out of @OnLeaks, a relatively new (at least to me) Twitter account who has an early rendering of the device.

LG G4 to be ‘Radically Different’ to the LG G3, In-house...

The LG G4 could be totally different from the LG G3 suggests LG's Cho Jun-ho With the LG G4 rumoured to be unveiled later than usual...

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