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LG Announces ‘First Ever Modular Smartphone’ the LG G5

LG has announced its first "modular" smartphone at Mobile World Congress this week, the oft rumoured LG G5.

LG Confirms Bang & Olufsen Partnership with the LG G5

Although LG isn't set to unveil the LG G5 until Sunday, February 21, the company has today announced some more details about the device ahead of time. This time it's the partnership with Bang & Olufsen to bring B&O Play audio to the G5.

The LG G5 May Come With ‘Plug-in Modules and Bespoke Accessories’

This weekend LG is to host their MWC event in which they're set to unveil the LG G5. They've already revealed that fact, but are still keeping the device firmly under wraps, or at least they're trying to, as a new rumour has surfaced to suggest that the LG G5 will have pretty unique feature...

LG Confirms the LG G5 Will be Unveiled at MWC

I guess we have no reason attend LG's pre-MWC conference later this month now, as the company has confirmed that it will indeed be unveiling the LG G5 at the event. Following the release of its first invitation, LG has sent out another colourful indication this time with the words "LG G5 Day," I mean, if that's not a rock solid confirmation, I don't know what is.

LG to Release Two New Flagships This Year

LG has revealed their fourth quarter financial results and their mobile division isn't looking exactly the most lucrative part of their business, nonetheless, they also revealed that despite this, they'll be launching two new handsets this year.

The LG G5 Could have a Completely New Design

New year, new tech, and already we're seeing a torrent of leaks and rumours circulating online revealing information about this year's upcoming flagships. The latest is for LG's upcoming device, presumably the LG G5, which unlike previous models, will look radically different.

LG’s Latest Flagship Will have a Unibody Design, and a Slide-out...

If these mock-renders are anything to go by, LG's next device will be pretty unique. Aside from the usual rumours of an all-metal unibody, the latest report suggests that it'll also contain a removable section allowing for battery replacements.

LG G5 to Feature Dual Camera and ‘Magic Slot’?

Well-known leaker, @evleaks a.k.a Evan Blass, has revealed a huge amount of information about the upcoming LG G5, which will launch in Q1 of 2016.

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