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Could This be the Nexus 5? These FCC Images Seems to...

Initially spotted by Phone Scoop the FCC have just got their hands on a new device from LG which could be the rumoured Nexus 5. The latest pictures show a clearer look at the LG D820 which could in fact be Google's next Nexus device.

LG G2 promotion in Korea results in over two dozen injuries.

Last Friday in Seoul, South Korea LG decided to do a balloon related PR stunt to promote their new LG G2 smartphone. The plan was to release hundreds of helium balloon with a select 100 of them containing vouchers for a free LG G2 handset, what LG didn't expect was that hundreds of people would turn up armed with BB guns and other sharp implements in order to capture the balloons before they escape.

LG Announces White Nexus 4, Rolling Out Globally on May 29th

Since Google announced the Nexus 4 the illusive white version of the handset has been popping up over the web for a long time. More recently however it's become a little more regular and LG have finally lifted the lid on the device.

Nexus 4 Review

I'm a tad late to the party I know, even more so considering in a few hours Google's Annual event Google I/O is about to start where they're most likely going to announce a brand new flagship phone. But better late then never eh? Hmm..

@evleaks Reveal Mystery LG Phone Could It Be The Nexus 5?

With various rumours coming in about LG manufacturing the Nexus 5, @evleaks threw a mysterious LG spanner in the works by releasing an image of a buttonless phone similar to the Nexus 4 with a strange choice of branding on the front.
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Since When Did Advertising Become So Childish?

One thing I've noticed recently is how advertising - more specifically mobile advertising - is getting down right childish and adolescent? I've noticed it a lot before, during, and after the Galaxy S IV event, certain other phone companies have been launching advertising campaigns that don't really say much other than "mine's better than yours" - Have we gone back into primary school or something?
LG advert

Well Played LG, Well Played.

With Samsungs Event only a few hours away, LG has decided to put up a rather sly, but well placed advert for the LG Optimus G above Samsungs ad for the live event this evening.

Google Are Set to Reveal All in a Weeks Time!

October 29th will be the day Google reveals all and by all I mean a 32GB / 3G Nexus 7, Android 4.2, the LG...

LG Rumoured to Unveil the Next Nexus Phone and Android 4.2...

CNET confirmed the rumours yesterday that LG will be  manufacturing the next Google Nexus brand phone. The currently un-named LG Nexus device will be...

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