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Limbo and Inside Set for Physical Release this September

Playdeads two critically acclaimed games Inside and Limbo are set to be bundled together and will head to retail this September thanks to 505 Games.

[E3 2016] Here’s a Look at Playdead’s Next Game, Inside

At Microsoft's E3 2016 media briefing, we finally got a closer look at Playdead's upcoming title, Inside, and it's more LIMBO than you may think.
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Five Must-have [email protected] Games to Download on your Xbox One this...

So you've woken up this Christmas morning and found that Santa has brought you an Xbox One! Chances are you've also got a handful of games to play as well but we all know diving into a game of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, or FIFA 15 means waiting for about an hour for the game to install beforehand, so why not hop on over to the Xbox Games Store and download one of the many [email protected] titles on offer?

Limbo to be available to all Xbox One players

One of 2010's weirdest but most beautiful games was Limbo. The debut title from Danish Studio 'Playdead', Limbo was a very dark and quiet experience, entirely monochrome but deeply aesthetically pleasing.

LIMBO Has Been Listed for Xbox One

Creepy Noir puzzler LIMBO by developer Playdead may be heading to Xbox One according to a listing that's been spotted on the Korean Ratings Board's website, not a lot can be said about the game on the Xbox One other than it's likely to land on the Xbox One in the near future.
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E3 2014: Inside, the new game from the creators of Limbo

Phil Spencer took the stage to announce Inside, the new game from, PlayDead, the creators of Limbo.

The game appears to follow a similar style to Limbo, with a monochrome colour scheme and platforming puzzles. The trailer depicted a boy attempting to escape some kind of facility.
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Humble Indie Bundle 9 Adds Four More Games into the Mix!

If the thought of getting six fantastic indie games for around $5 wasn't good enough for you, how about 10? The Humble Indie Bundle 9 has just been updated to include not one, or two, but four games into the bundle and they're not any old games, they're some of the best indie titles I've played in recent times!

Limbo Now Available On iOS

Limbo is hands down my favourite indie game, I fell in love with it's black and white dreamy charm back in 2011 and now 3 years on from it's release on the Xbox Live Arcade in 2010 iOS users can help the nameless boy find his sister in the critically acclaimed 2D sidescroller.

Limbo for PS Vita Trailer

The new teaser trailer for Limbo on the PS Vita brings back some depressing and frustrated memories. Never has a game managed to remain in my memory for so long. Limbo is a fantastic game and it'll be really interesting to see how it plays on the PS Vita.

My Top Games for Halloween!

Happy Halloween fellow n3rds! It's that time of year again where we get messy with pumpkins, eat orange and black cakes and candy &...

LIMBO, A Freakishly Morbid Puzzle Game.

Me and my wife are huge fans of puzzle games, we've spent hours playing through all of the Professor Layton games, we've sat scratching...

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