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Frozenbyte Release Demo Where Playtime Lowers the Game’s Price

Frozenbyte, the developer behind games such as Shadowgrounds and the Trine series have come up with a rather interesting way to encourage players to try their new game Shadwen.
Bone Gulch

Bone Gulch – A Western-Themed Sandbox MMO Heads to Kickstarter.

Have you ever wanted to roam the desert preying on vulnerable farmers? Perhaps you would prefer to start the gold rush and explore the depths searching for treasure? Or maybe your ambitions are higher and see yourself becoming sheriff, having a shoot-out in your local saloon with the yellow-bellied outlaws of the wild west?
Octodad Coop

Octodad: Dadliest Catch to Support Four Player Co-op

This has totally made my day.

Young Horses have announced on Twitter that Octodad: Dadliest Catch will feature a local co-op mode, with a total of four players able to take control of the dapper gentlegangly octopus at one time.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Hits and Smashes Kickstarter Goal

Epic medieval fantasy RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance has landed on Kickstarter and has already met its target of £300,000 with over 12,000 backers. The game from Warhorse, based in Prague, is looking super impressive from the trailer, and promises to swallow up around 70 hours of your life when completed.

Rymdkapsel Coming to PC January 30!

Coming to Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux on January 30, Rymdkapsel will be making it's computer debut after its success on mobile. This real-time strategy game is simplistic in its appearance but is a pain in the arse to master.

SteamOS Beta is Now Available to Download, Not for the Faint...

Yesterday saw the official launch of the SteamOS beta, Valve's brand new Debain-based Linux operating system dedicated purely to Steam gaming. But be warned, it's in its very early stages and even Valve warn that you must be committed before installing it to your system.
steam machines 2

Steam Machine Prototypes Shipping to Beta Testers Tomorrow, Steam OS Available...

Valve have announced that Friday, December 13 will be the day that all three hundred Steam Machine and Steam Controller prototypes will be shipped to the lucky few that were selected to test the hardware. At the same time Valve will be making the Steam OS available to download too for you to install onto any System and turn it into a self-made Steam Machine.

Ubuntu Touch OS Smartphone Coming Sometime Next Year.

Following the failed IndieGoGo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge smartphone, Canonical have been continuing to work on the Ubuntu Touch OS and news today suggests we could be seeing smartphones loaded with the Ubuntu OS sometime next year.
image_294691_16x9_620 copy

Steam Machine Prototypes Packaged With Metro: Last Light

With Valve's gaming entertainment systems on their way to your living rooms in the coming year, what better way to test them out than sending 300 lucky Beta testers some Steam Machine love. Good news for a Spartan-sized squad of gamers then.
steam machines 2

Valve Clarify That Steam Machines will not be Nvidia Exclusive

When Valve released the specifications of the prototypes of their upcoming console, the Steam Machine, earlier this month the internet seemed to take the inclusion of a Nvidia GPU as a sign that Steam Machines would be Nvidia exclusive, it has been confirmed this week that this is not the case...
steam machines 2

Valve Release Specifications for the Steam Machine Prototype.

Those of you eager to get your hands on the Steam Machine Prototype will be pleased to know that Valve has released some more details on the device including specifications on what insides the Prototype will contain.
Steam Machines

Valve Announce the Steam Machine!

Valve this evening finally lifted the lid on the Steam Box! Well, sort of. It's actually called the Steam Machine and it's more of a prototype than a fully fledged console. But we don't care right? The Steam Machine exists!

With SteamOS We’re One Step Closer to the Steam Box.

Earlier this week Valve announced the SteamOS, that's right, an entire operating system based on the game distribution platform that's become the go-to place for PC games. SteamOS is a Linux based operating system which Valve hope to bring gaming on Steam more into the living room, the only problem is, you'll need some hardware to install it onto. The good news however is that it's completely free.

Could the Steam Box be Revealed Next Week?

Valve's rumoured 'Steam Box' console could soon be a reality, the idea of having Steam in the comfort of your living room or bedroom is getting ever closer as Valve co-founder Gabe Newell teased the Steam Box during a keynote at LinuxCon 2013.
ubuntu edge

Ubuntu Edge IndieGoGo Unsurprisingly Fails to Reach $32,000,000 Goal

After what has felt like a ridiculously long 30 days Canonicals ambitious IndieGoGo campaign for the rather spectacular Ubuntu Edge smartphone has failed to reach it's fairly high target of $32,000,000.

Though the attempt at reaching the thirty two million dollar target failed, the campaign didn't really fail. What I mean by this is that the campaign managed to reach an outstanding $12,809,906 which has actually broken the crowdfunding record previously set by the Pebble Smartwatch. That's at least something, right?

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