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Mario Tennis Aces Trailer For Dry Bones Drops

Serves up, Mario Tennis Aces fans! A new trailer dropped for the highly anticipated new DLC character, Pete Sampras. Wait, hold up that's wrong. It's for Dry Bones, my mistake.

Birdo joins Mario Tennis Aces in October

While some fans are still pinning for Pauline to become playable in Mario Tennis Aces, Nintendo has just announced the inclusion of another frequently, fan-requested favorite, Birdo! She is an All-Arounder play type joining Mario, Lugui, and Daisy.

UK Gaming Charts (25/06/2018) It’s 15-love to Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo have made big splash in the UK Gaming Charts this week as not only Mario Tennis Aces has made an impression, but overall there are 8 Switch only titles are in the UK Top 40.

Mario Tennis: Aces Impressions

A full weekend of fast and furious tennis filled with scintillating slices and deceptive drop-shots, from a diverse roster of players with different styles and attributes… No, I’m not talking about the ongoing French Open, rather the demo of Mario Tennis: Aces, which finished its early access weekend on Sunday night.

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