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Marvel Shuts Down Free-to-Play Game, Marvel Heroes

Marvel and Gazillion Entertainment's free-to-play video game, Marvel Heroes, has been shut down due to the former ending their relationship with Gazillion.

Gazillion Announce the Launch of Marvel Heroes 2015

Gazillion have announced Marvel Heroes 2015 to coincide with the games one year anniversary. Marvel Heroes 2015 will include "New features and a number...

Marvel Heroes – Update 2.1 Under Siege!

No, it's not been hacked, the next episodic content patch for 2.1's Asgard related storyline is a full blown siege by the Dark Elves.

Be the Bad Guy – Marvel Heroes Announce More Playable Villains...

After the successful launch of Loki as a playable character in Gazillion Entertainment's marvelous MMO, it looks like a spate of super-villains are on their way in the coming year.

Marvel Heroes – Gambit Trailer

Everyone has a favourite X-Men character. It's usually Wolverine as everyone has a soft spot for the cigar smoking Canadian and his adamantium claws, although there's a good few who champion the guy in a dirty trenchcoat who flings kinetically charged cards on Guy Fawkes night instead of bangers... Gambit appears as your new hero of choice in Marvel Heroes.

Marvel Heroes: Fire & Ice PvP Goes Live and a New...

Last week saw the release of the Asgard content update, a truly massive offering for fans of the Marvel universe led MMO. This week, we see the addition of a 5v5 multiplayer PvP mode that will have your heroes arguing nearly as much as in the plot of Civil War.

Marvel Heroes: Asgard Update – Traverse the Realm of Gods

Marvel Heroes, the online action RPG, had a huge new patch recently and to celebrate, Gazillion Games have given us a taste of nectar with a new trailer.

Marvel Heroes Character Drop Woes

This is just a public service announcement for anyone who is playing Marvel Heroes the latest free to play Diablo/Torchlight style MMO RPG MOBA loot-em-up from Gazillion entertainment that features all of our favourite Marvel Characters.
Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes Villains Trailer

Marvel Heroes is a brand new free-to-play massively multiplayer online action RPG that's scheduled for release on June 4th with early access beginning on May 28th for those that purchase one of the various Founders Packs. Check out the latest trailer above that features a few of the most famous Marvel villains within the vast comic book series' the publisher has under it's belt.

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