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Sims 4

‘The Sims 4’ Available for Free Download Right Now

Doesn't everyone love sinking hours into playing god with The Sims? Well, right now, you can do it all for free with The Sims 4,...

New The Sims Game is Coming to Mobile

Messing around with the lives of your Sims just got ten times easier now that it's coming to iOS and Android! Yeah, it might...
The Sims 4 Toddlers

The Sims 4 Gets Vampires and the Return of the Toddler

Vampires, creatures of the night who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. Toddlers, creatures of the day who spend their time sucking the life out of their victims. They're honestly one in the same, so it comes as no surprise that Electronic Arts decided to bring back Toddlers not too long after they launch Vampire DLC.

The Sims 4 Content Update Adds Careers, Festivities, and a Cheat...

EA and Maxis have this week revealed the latest content patch that's set to arrive on The Sims 4 this month. The new update adds business and Christmas related things to the game, adding four career paths, time-off, maternity and paternity leave, and a free, unlockable Holiday Celebration pack.
simcity 2000

Grab SimCity 2000 for Free on Origin Now

SimCity 2000 Special Edition by Maxis is up for grabs for the low low price of free. Time to jump back into the classic...
the sims pool

You Can Now Drown your Sims in The Sims 4 with...

Following EA's promise to release constant updates for The Sims 4, the publisher has now released the first of many updates which brings back one of the more controversial commissions that EA had made in order to add more depth to The Sims: Swimming Pools. That's right, as of now you can finally deck out your back yard with a swimming pool for your Sims to enjoy.. or not.
Sims 4

EA Is Adding Pools to The Sims 4

If this were any other title than The Sims 4 the headline of this article would seem a lot more exciting, but in a matter of fact if EA could just release a patch to include pools, why didn't they do that in the first place? It seems a bit silly to me. Anyway, EA announced last night during a Twitch live-stream their patch release plans for the latest release in The Sims title, The Sims 4. Along with the addition of Pools patches are set to include ghosts, Star Wars costumes, and much more.

Even Your Parents old Windows XP Computer Could Probably Run The...

EA and Maxis have this week released the minimum specifications for the upcoming The Sims title, The Sims 4, and they're pretty laughable. Sure, The Sims doesn't include explosions, car chases, fast paced gameplay, or even pools, so we weren't expecting the most insane PC specifications, but these? Really?
The Sims 4video

The Sims have Even More Emotions in Latest Clip for The...

The Sims are at it again and this time with even more emotion. That's something that EA and developers Maxis want to get lodged in your head with the the latest instalment into The Sims series and the latest clip backs that claim up. EA's big on emotion this year and they're making sure you know it, even if it sends you off blubbering in a bath tub like one unfortunate Sim in the above trailer.

The Sims 4 – Oh D’EA’r Walkthrough Video Hints at Premium...

While not a surprise to anyone who keeps up to date with the demonic dealings of well-known, sweaty-handed publishers, the new video, featuring quite...

The Sims 4 – No Swimming, No Toddlers and No Spitting…

Well possibly not the last one, but seeing the fights from past Sims games, I'm pretty sure some phlegm will be flying. If that didn't disgust you as a Sims fan, then prepare to be utterly crestfallen at the news that the next iteration in the life simulator's repertoire of wallet killing, expansion pack fueled fun will not include toddlers or swimming pools!

SteelSeries Meets The Sims 4: ‘Immersive’ Peripherals Revealed

As if Simmers weren't addicted enough already, the collection includes a mousepad, mouse and gaming headset crafted not for the sake of collection but for that of full immersion during play to help you feel "part of the game" as explained by The Sims Studio VP, Rachel Franklin.

EA Confirm The Sims 4 Will be at E3!

In a little under two months, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3 as we all know it, will be in full swing bringing with it huge announcements from the likes of Sony, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and many more. We're still not sure what exactly is going to be shown at E3 this year, but we can all guess. There is one definite appearance though, and that's from The Sims 4.

SimCity’s Offline Mode is Almost Here!

At the beginning of the year Maxis announced that they'll finally be bringing an Offline Mode to SimCity so gamers can bypass the always-online requirements and play without an internet connection. That announcement was around two months ago and according to a recent update from Maxis, the offline mode is in the final stages of testing.

Maxis Are Exploring the Possibility of an Offline SimCity

SimCity didn't have the best start in life. The need for the game to be online and use EA's servers in order to combat piracy caused the launch to fail, really badly. Players were unable to access their games for days and some of the lucky few who managed to get onto the game, their game saves ended up getting deleted. The drama behind the launch is way behind EA with their sights set firmly on their next blockbuster games, but Maxis may be looking at ways to bring SimCity offline.

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