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The Sims

Gamescom | EA Reveal More On The Sims 4.

EA revealed more on The fourth edition of The Sims franchise, The Sims 4. A game which is set to revolutionise the way we interact with The Sims with all new enhanced creative tools and a stronger focus on The Sims emotions.
SimCity on Mac

SimCity Release for Mac

Everyone remembers SimCity. Well good news is on August 29, 2013, Mac will be receiving a digital release. Other good news is that the title will have a cross platform online gameplay with PC. Players will be able to jump back and forth between cities with friends.

SimCity creative director quits Maxis to form Jellygrade Studios.

Last night SimCity creative director Ocean Quigley announced on Twitter that he was quitting EA/Maxis and announced plans to form a new studio Jellygrade along with two other SimCity creatives.

The Sims 4 announced for 2014

That's right, the next instalment of The Sims from Maxis and EA is currently in development at The Sims Studio and is set to be released on PC and Mac in 2014.

EA Release List of Games Available for Free To Disappointed SimCity...

The SimCity fiasco seems to have ended with EA opening up more servers, as well as a server status page so you know how the severs are performing. As an apology for the appalling launch EA sent a release out to everyone stating that they'll be entitled to one free game from their Origin store, no details other than that were released leaving us all to assume that we could pick any game from their store - we assumed wrong..

Check If Your SimCity Server is Up with the New Status...

The SimCity Server Woes are almost over. EA have stated that the server issues are "almost behind us," with crashes reduced by almost 92%. To give players peace of mind, EA have created a new SimCity Server Status page for you to check if you can get online.
SimCity Disaster

EA & Maxis Try To Make Amends After SimCity Server Woes

The SimCity server issues are still on-going, it's that bad Amazon have actually removed the game from sale and to try and ease everyone's pain EA are trying to assure us that things have improved and for our troubles they're giving us something back..

It Looks Like SimCity is Doomed from the Word ‘Go’.

We're almost into Day 3 of the SimCity outrage as users have started to not only lash out onto social networks, but they've now taken to Metacritic with swarms of 0/10's going to the city building sim from Maxis.

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