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Mega Man 11 Might Be Receiving Downloadable Content?

Earlier this month Mega Man 11 graced our consoles and PCs. Now, it seems that Capcom might have more planned for our favorite Blue Bomber, if the rumors are to be believed.

Megaman 11 Review

With Mega Man 11, I was hoping all of the improved, refined, innovative games that have come out as a homage to the classic man in blue would in return influence the next installment in the long-running series. Unfortunately, the lack of innovation and unresponsive controls left Mega Man 11 feeling like a shell of the game it was trying to be.

Mega Man 11 Boss Torch Man Revealed At SDCC 2018

Mega Man 11 fans have been treated to a massive info dump about one of the new Robot Masters, dubbed Torch Man. Mega Man will be tasked with taking down the fiery bastard if he wants to earn the Blazing Torch ability, which will undoubtedly make whatever ice stage there is much easier.

European Fans Launch Mega Man 11 Petition

After we reported on the European release of Mega Man 11 only being digital, fans of the Blue Bomber have taken to creating an...

Mega Man 11 Purely Digital In Europe

Capcom announced more news to do with Mega Man 11 this week, mostly about how the release will take place in Europe.

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