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Metro Exodus Review

Metro Exodus is the tricky third album for the Metro franchise, and much like one of those prog bands our editor Aaron bangs on...

New Metro Exodus Trailer is a Deep Dark Nightmare

Exploring the subconscious of someone living in the apocalypse is no doubt going to be terrifying but the new Metro Exodus trailer takes it...
metro 2033 redux 1

Metro Exodus to Ditch Steam for Epic Games Store, Steam isn’t...

Epic Games and Deep Silver has announced a partnership that'll see the PC release of Metro Exodus land exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Set...

Metro Exodus Character and Creature Art Revealed

4A Games recently released a slew of character and monster art for their upcoming survival-shooter, Metro Exodus. The third entry in the Metro series looks...

Metro Exodus Might be Losing Itself in Finding What’s Outside

Metro Exodus is the difficult third album for the Metro franchise, based in the popular books by Dmitry Glukhovsky. For the first time, players can openly...

Metro Exodus’ Artyom Edition Won’t Be For Sale

4A Games has revealed that Metro Exodus will be getting an incredibly rare collector's edition that can't actually be purchased, but it includes a...

Check out the Metro Exodus Story Trailer!

Today, 4A Games and Deep Silver revealed the latest trailer for their upcoming title, Metro Exodus. The story trailer shows off a bunch of new...
Metro Exodus Gas Station Screenshot

Metro Exodus Goes Gold, Release Date Moves Forward

Deep Silver has announced that their upcoming sequel, Metro Exodus, has gone gold and as a result will launch a little sooner.

E3 2018: Hands on with Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is the latest entry into the Metro series and sees Artyom return to our screens seeking to help find a new home for his people outside of the Moscow Metro tunnels. Metro Exodus implements some great new features as well as returning all the old classics we've grown accustomed to in the dank subway tunnels. 

E3 2018: Metro Exodus Release Date Announced, Gameplay Trailer Revealed

A new gameplay trailer was revealed for Metro Exodus at this year's Xbox Press Conference, and announced that the title will be releasing on...

Metro Exodus Delayed to 2019

Metro Exodus, the third title in the Metro 2033 series, has been pushed back to 2019, Deep Silver and 4A Games announced this week.

E3 2017: Metro Exodus Announced at Xbox Conference

The first game revealed at the Xbox conference during E3 was a new entry in the Metro series from 4A games. The trailer on show opens in familiar surroundings: a dark industrial tunnel coated which is barely lit by protagonists flashlight.


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